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BM wants to get SS7 a cell phone

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This is what had me so pissed off last night that I couldn't handle it.
In the past, BM will call my DH and get what she wants because he cant stand talking to her on the phone. After she totally took advantage of this and took some of our time, we decided that emails would be the better form of communication.
So we have been emailing her since school started asking her to share information (in hindsight we should just be emailing the teacher and leave her alone). She has been ignoring all of them.
Then last night she responds with a super sophisticated email like she had a lawyer type it or something.
Anyways, in said email she STILL doesn't acknowledge any of the questions we had asked her.
Amongst other bullshiz she brought up, one of them was that she wanted to buy SS7 a cell phone with only 911 and his two parents numbers programmed in.
Absolutely not.
Her reasons were that she thinks her calls are being screened because she is always on speaker (she was only ever on speaker once because SS had sticky candy all over his hands), apparently SS told her that he has asked to call several times and we tell him no (also not true, in fact he never asks to call her), she doesn't want to have to go through DH to contact her son (too bad, its not like DH answers the phone.. when he sees her name he hands the phone to his son). She is so guilty of screening calls, every time we call SS we can hear her in the background telling him a list of what he did that day or whatever and he just repeats what is being said. We didn't call to talk to BM!!
I think that we should get a house phone, and if SS wants to call his mom he can do so using that. If she buys him a cell phone it will go off and away the minutes he walks into my house and he can have it back on trade day.
Another sad thing is that she probably already told him that she wants to buy it for him so him and mommy can talk when he is at Dad's. And now when we say no, not happening, DH becomes the bad guy because BM does that on purpose.
UGH! A cell phone for a 7 year old, SERIOUSLY?!

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There's nothing wrong with her buying him a cell phone if she wants to. That doesn't mean the phone has be allowed in your home or that dad has to help pay for it.

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agree with Disney fan!
Let BM buy it, when he comes home, turn it off and put it away.
I bought a phone for DS and DD had a phone they shared when they were 9 and 7 at the time. It was turned off and stored once they got to my house or my ExH house.

The phone was for traveling to and from only, emergencies only. House phone if we ran to the store quick and let them stay home only.

We did not split the cost, I elected to get it for them, I incurred the cost myself. and I honored and followed the same turn off and store while at the OP home wishes/rules.

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Huge problem for us too with SD10s phone! BM used it to ask SD to sneak out and meet her or arrangements to drop off/pick up the "I forgot" stuff, SD and SS would NOT tell us BM was stopping by and she used it to stop over daily! It's an irritation and got so out of hand that we has to add "no 3rd party communication to the CO"

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The CO hasn't been updated in about 3 years. So I don't think there is anything about cell phones since he was so little then.
Those are the things Im afraid of. She is always trying to get more time from our weeks and Im sorry but she doesnt need to talk to him every day.

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She still hasn't emailed back about our response to the phone. I should have specified that when she asked about the phone she was offering to pay and maintain it, she was really just asking that we respect her wishes to let him use it and that we return it with him each week.
So I guess if she wants to buy him one, whatever, but it will NOT be used at my house.
Im glad everyone thinks the same way about that. Because I have a feeling shit is going to get ugly and I'll need you all when she does reply haha.