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When the skids wont clean up after themselves?

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My skids are 8ss and 10sd. Both old enough to clean up after themselves but they dont. Its not expected that they clean up at bio moms and as a result, theyre used to living in filth. Due to house being too small ... when theyre here on a 50% basis they share a room with their 18 month old sister (my bio child).

They empty all their clean clothes out of their cubes and mix them with wet towels, pissy clothes (as 10yo sd still wets the bed) and they refuse to clean it up. Im dreading when sd starts menstruating...... bloody clothes.... ughhh

You can yell at them, bribe them with food or money, take their toys off them, take away the tv... it literally doesnt matter. My partner will try and discipline them too but it isnt working.

Its to a point im running around cleaning up after everyone, trying to hold down a job while im at it and im burning myself out, fast.

What can i do? Or is this common in step families? If i throw my hands in the air and say fuck it.... the house will be riddled with cockroaches and mice.

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Sounds like the kids have way too many clothes. I'd let them have 3 outfits each , mix and match stuff until they can learn to not throw them all over. Maybe start with just 2 outfits since it's summer and they aren't in school.

I have a dirty dish issue with SS15.... see paper doesn't work here because they just get left on the counter. (Going to the garbage can or dishwasher is too much work) So... same with the clothes is paper doesn't work, 1 cup, 1 plate, 1 silverware setting.

My friend text me the other day, she's filling up pampers boxes with her SS16s dishes he leaves all over. He's a really gross slob and food gets spilled on the floor next to the trash and he leaves it there.

I'd leave the pee towels for your boyfriend. Has the girl been to a doctor about the bed wetting?

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I get extremely aggravated because my ss6 is messy as hell. I have two bio kids girl8 and boy7 and when they are home by themselves, my house stays tidy. When my ss comes over, there are toys everywhere. At first, I was kind and reminded him to put back the things he wasnt playing with. He would always respond with "OK" but never once did as he was told. I have to raise my voice to him and when I do, my boyfriend gets pissed and then Im the bad guy. So when he is over here now, his father can clean up his mess, I give up.