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Ugh I hate that sick feeling!

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My husband just picked up stepkids and they grabbed some food. I called him to see when he would be home and while on the phone one of the drinks spilled. I heard DH say to oldest SS "sorry bud" and all crappy SS was like "whatever! It's fine" 

Great. This is what we are going to have to deal with this weekend. I HATE when they are here. The entire mode in our house changes. They are rude, disrespectful and miserable. Ugh!! I'm going to my friends house! 

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Same! It's amazing how the entire mood of the house changes. It's like everyone is walking on eggshells. I'm totally disengaged from SD, To some degree, I do think it's awkward. DH went to drop off SD yesterday to her BM. Otw out the door, DH said "I'll be back in 15. Want me to pick up BBQ for dinner while I'm out?" We go over dinner plans super quick and SD just stands there. Doesn't say bye. Just makes a face like "how dare you 'eat out' while I'm gone". Yes, the miserable attitude and "woe is me" is just NOT fun to be around. Plain and simple. Even DH tells SD she is so negative all the time. Doesn't change her though. 

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My husband took them to work with him today and making them work instead of being here playing video games. HAAAAHAHAHAHA!!!! They are probably pissed that their entitled selves have to do something other than whatever they want. Their mother is going to be so mad. Her special snowflakes should never have to lift a finger, should be able to do whatever they want, always have fun and never think about anyone but themselves. DH was like "Nah, let's go. You are coming to work with me" I'm dying! Good for him! 

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It's the worst!! And it also makes me feel like a terrible person for feeling that way. 
there are days when my SS won't talk or acknowledge my existence.