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The straw that broke the camels back

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So I oversaw a text message from the BM stating how he should sneak our two kids on his taxes so she could get their benefits to clean up his backed child support. Also on the day I gave myself of issuing the 30 day notice to get the hell out of my house had he completed a full 2 months of 0 help from him. I am LIVID! 

The audacity of either one if them. They make me sick! Here is to our sons first birthday party this evening. 

Did I mention I closed the free bed and breakfast sign for his daughter taking space in my home as well. That went just as well as planned. She woke up at 630 this morning. 

I will not go to jail over this.. I will not go to jail over this.. 

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Wow. First, I'm appalled at the BM even asking this. Makes me think there is a lot more "chit chat" going on between the two of them and about some very personal issues within your relationship with him. The fact she thinks it's even okay to suggest this makes me wonder just what he's said that would warranted that.

And like you, had I read that text, his ass would be out. He is in NO WAY committed to you if he can even think that request was okay. Taking YOUR tax credits to pay off HIS CS arrears. Wow. That's a winner. <eye roll>

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Sure thing! 

30 days and he is to rid of his daughters belongings before next weekend or I am doing it myself. She no longer exists in my world. Done. Especially after she pelted my 2 year old across the face so hard I heard the crack outside. 

I. Fucking. Hate. This. Child. 

And her parents too. 

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Good for you!  It's about time. 

Is he going to want visitation with your mutual children, or is he only interested in his older daughter?  I hope your two can avoid being with him when he has his older daughter.  Even if they can't, I think they'll still be better off in your more peaceful home with him and his 6 year old gone.

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Take a picture of that text.  BM is initiating a conspiracy to defraud the government.  

I would get that in front of your attorney and a Judge in a well timed effort to bare BM's manipulative idiot ass.

And have fun!


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I have pictures of all of it including a text telling me to get out of "their" lives. Hahaha... 

Hey now, those are my words! 

We will see what he wants and goes after. He doesn't have money for an attorney to fight her, he certainly don't have one for me. 

Hes over conversing with his mother now so hopefully they can figure out a plan. My oldest son had a wrestling meet this morning and I chose to bring my youngest daughter to keep her out of harms way. He took his daughter to his mom's. He asked why she couldn't come and I reminded him I was not joking with my comments yesterday. Before I could reiterate the detail of getting her stuff out of here he said You can't do this to me. 

I'm not. He has done it to himself. And I'm doing g it, with pleasure. 

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Rock on sista! 

You are taking your power back. Good on you!