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Stepmums dealing with bat shit crazy exwives and brainwashed skids

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So hubby has an exwife who’m he divorced almost 10yrs ago, she married weeks after divorce was finalised to an ex high school sweetheart.

hubbys daughter with ex aged 22 & 14 told hubby she has been seeing witch doctors who deal with blackmagic/voodoo crap and claimed hubby did black magic on her

now i know this is absolute bullshit because hubby has no time for this crap and for hubby to waste his time, means he’d have to care for the ex which he does not and has not in many decades.

Now my problem is we know the daughters report everything to bio mum as standard after every meet or contact as the daughters tell hubby we told mum so and so and showed so and so to her...

we have 2 toddlers, i told hubby late last year that his exwife is batshit crazy doing this nonsense and with his 2 daughters completely under her spell/influence and brainwashing that i do not want any pics of our kids or myself  being sent to his daughters as these are instantly forwarded to the exwife who is engaging in this nonsense crap but it freaks me out too.

hubby understandably was upset because this of course implies his daughters are as bad as their mum because they know she engages in this voodoo crap along with their stepdad but thats not my problem.

as a mum my kids are my concern and hubby has recently again sent pics to eldest daughter

how do i get it through his thick head, “when i say no pics of our kids and me are ever being forwarded to your daughters ever again because of this black magic crap means they do not get sent period”

i feel like hubby has intentional selective hearing and follows through for a few weeks and months only to go back to usual sending to his daughter. His daughters don’t even care about our kids, never ask about them or maintain contact but hubby goes out of his way to send our kids pics to them for cuteness sakes when they do cute things.

so if any other stepmums have anything familiar or same level of batshit craziness and your husband sendig pics to kids with ex of their half siblings and it being passed to exwife, how do you handle this what i feel is a breach of privacy and respect because i feel hubby is putting our kids in danger and in harms way and that has been my point all along to him. I tell him no more pics, he listens for a month or 2 and sends them back

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Well, I'm dealing with a bat shit crazy ex-wife and a brainwashed skid, but no voodoo, as far as I know.

Are you genuinely concerned that she is doing some kind of black magic on your kids' pictures?  I guess I'm struggling to understand why it's an issue, since black magic is not real.

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Ive never seen real magic done but then there are plenty of warnings in the Bible about magic and magic users. I also know that true believers can be affected by bad omens and ill wishes. I guess it all comes down to what BM believes rather than what OP believes. If BM really thinks she’s using the photos to send evil things to OP and bios, then it should be viewed as threatening behavior. OP’s DH needs to respect her boundaries with this nonsense even if he has to put his inconsiderate spawn outside of that boundary.

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I would find it utterly hilarious if BM was trying to do voodoo over a picture of ... well, I have no kids, so my dogs? 

That would keep DH and I laughing for a long time. But I don't believe in the Bible or black magic, so it wouldn't bother me, regardless of BM's intentions.  It would make my day.

Have to agree with LD below, they are DH's kids too.  I could see if he was posting them on a pedophile site, but you don't know that the skids are doing anything other than deleting them.

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I only brought up the Bible to explain my stance on the subject of magic. 

I would be highly offended and a little unnerved if BM put that much energy and effort into actively wishing bad things for me, DH or DD. 

I believe there’s some legal presidence (sp?) about paranormal happenings and it’s not what the court believes but what is commonly believed about the mystical goings on. Get the right judge and a good lawyer and you might have a case for assault?

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Maybe. I'd find it funny that she was so bitter as to spend so much time on it.  As long as she didn't try to actually do me in.

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and there’s plenty of people who waste effort being hateful. There’s not much of a slippery slope between being obsessive and acting on it.

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she bragged after divorce how she’d moved on and was so in demand but yet 10 yrs on she is still havinng daughters update her immediately after every contact and meet. We know this because the daughters immediately tell hubby we showed mum this and told her that

the way exwife behaves she clearly hasn’t moved on because if she were happy with life as she claimed she wouldn’t give a shit about hubby, his wife and their 2 kids

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You can't stop him from sending pictures of his kids to his other kids. You can totally demand that no pictures of you be sent, but you can't ask the same of your kids since they are also his kids. 

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its pretty tough to enforce what can be done with photos of one’s own children. Just for the sake of argument, what if one of the SDs was dating a known pedophile. Would it be ok to send her photos of two young girls? How would OP enforce the no photo rule for their safety?

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I would hope her DH would have better sense to not send photos then. But even IF he didn't have better sense, there isn't anything she can really do aside from getting divorced, getting a CO that says "no photos", then pushing for him to lose custody if he still sends them.

This is why it is important to vet who you choose as the parent for your kids because you cannot control the other parent's actions even if those actions are detrimental - at least not easily.

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judgement because he himself admits and tells me that he’s upset his daughters have been brainwashed into this nonsense and exwifes family have in the past after divorce pit hubby against exwife out of spite and try cause harm

hubby has avoided exwifes family because of this but when it comes to his daughters with exwife everything goes out the door and he forgets basic common sense.

if the family is crazy enough to do this kind of crap what else are they capable of and it makes me seriously uncomfortable being around the daughters because they are clearly brainwashed beyond reasoning 

With the vetting bear in mind this stuff with sd re-initiating contact with hubby happened almost 4 yrs after we married and thats when all this crap and nonsense was brought up by his kids

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Lolol I think this probably tops the posts I've seen for crazy BMs on here...and I thought BM here was a little off for her beliefs such as that she has a "special connection" with animals and cried when my dog barked at her because of it. 

On the pictures though...idk how you would get him to stop sending them if he doesnt think it's a serious threat which honestly most people probably wouldn't. 

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with them.

but even hubby agrees the fact exwife is into this nonsense scares us enough and i fell well if she is into this crazy crap along with her family and they are clearly bitter about hubby divorcing and moving on and causing issues in them fighting one another out of spite, i want to keep myself and our kids out of it. 

I’d have thought hubby had better common sense to keep our kids as far away from bio mums reach but when her daughters keep reporting about us and sending pics etc its such a violation for me when i know she’s into this crazy voodoo crap. 

If her family are crazy enough to break into a family home owned by hubby and lay dead cats, candles and knives, then daughters havig access to where we live and relaying to their mum can have even bigger issues but thats something to deal with later. Lucky we have fully monitored cctv at home.

we do partially laugh about this crap but its upsetting for hubby his daughters have been brainwashed to believe bio mum engaging in this crap and not see anything wrong about it, they think she’s an angel. They’re just so gullible and stupid and hubby knows he can’t do anything 


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Yeah that's on a whole other level...if someone is mentally unstable and obviously willing to a commit a crime that's a dangerous combination.

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Without getting into any details....voodoo IS very common in certain groups of women in area not to far from me. I was shocked too. and no, we do not live in Louisiana where I would have expected this practice.

Women put hex's on their ex's....not to be funny but it is true. They are very serious about it too.

About pictures of the kids sent by your is not unreasonable to tell him STOP. They are your kids too. Flush, no drop his phone down the potty...oopss



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has had hex’s put on my husband and the exwife (her sister) out of spite for all the inheritance money of her late mother she took and they figured better to pit my husband against exwife

that terrified hubby and especially since he has me and 2 little kids what else are these whackos willing to do right??

i tried to entertain the notion these sd are wise and not involved but they blindly follow this crap and so looking out for hubby’s feelings regarding his daughters and exwife over this issue is not gonna happen. He just gets the blunt truth from me...

all this crap makes me say no to them coming to our home because our address will be reported to their mum and with hubby at work crazy hours no way i want to be in that situation alone at home with a physically threatening exwife and co trying to break into our home.

she does not follow the law and court orders, she thinks she is the law and above the law and justifies it and so do the sd

can’t wait to move back overseas and escape this crazy shit

meanwhile exwife’s attitude is how dare hubby divorce her and remarry later on... when you’re this level of crazy bitch, no man in their right mind would want to stat married to you

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Voodoo, huh?  And witchdoctors?  If these people truly cause major problems in your life, with some creative thinking and a little cash you could put a stop to it once and for all if they genuinely believe this kind of crazy.  

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During the 2004 Hurricane season I was  hexed by some Haitians because I uncovered insurance fraud they were perpetrating against my client.  I was doing risk management and catastrophe services consulting for a major insurance company at the time.  

When I uncovered the fraud it caused the claimants to forfeit all insurance coverage for their Hurricane loss.  Their attempt to fraudulently add $60K to their claim cost them more than $300K in legitimate claims.   One of the the insureds on the loss brought her mother into the office and they began chanting, dancing around me, and drawing charms on my arms and chest with chicken legs and feathers.  I laughed in their faces, called security, and had them escorted out.  For two more years I had to provide depositions on the case.  They lost and ultimately received zero coverage against their policy due to their fraud.  The policy was clear.  Any attempt to defraud under the policy would result in loss of all coverage. 

My assumption is that they screwed up the Hex and blessed me instead because my life has continued to be nothing but awesome prior to and since I was Hexed.

 I call bullshit on that kind of crap and gain much mirth and laughter at the expense of the morons who think that chanting, sacrificing chickens, and poking pins in Rags dolls (pun intended) is going to have any impact on my life at all.  Other than to make me laugh at them, there is zero consequence on me over that kind of crap.

So, have fun at their expense.  Bare their asses by broadcasting their pathetic crap.

From a Step perspective, SpermGrandHag told my bride and I any number of times that we were going to hell.  The SpermClan belongs to some fringe Christian cult that has some forest feast in Northern Cal on a yearly basis, does not believe in Christmas, and for some reason thinks that they are uniquely qualified to damn anyone they want to hell.  So, off I go to the warm beaches of Hades apparently.  As long as there is sun, sand, surf, my hot bride at my side in a bikini, great food and good drinks... I  look forward to my retirement to Hades.  I will thank SpermGrandHag for her referral. Crazy hag bitch that she is.


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that would have been a day at work to remember for sure!!