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Step mother & partner & Stepchildrem

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With my partner i have 1 child & 2 step children both of which are much older (step child our older).
Can i ask, what would any one do if your best friend was your toddler.
Your partner would some times either stick up for the step children or if you said any thing to your step children you risk getting you head bitten off by any body.
The oldest one will & does constantly moan at me, she wont do it to any one else & if i say some thing to her she will drag her mum into it. Depending on what mood the mum is in at that time(mood with me that is)she my either join in or say nothing (join in i mean say her opinion of me which means dragging up the past). 2 weeks ago we were arguing & my step son was rude nasty to me verbally & agreed (He is 13).
Last night she let one of her friends kids have a got at me & then sat in the next room with the oldest daughter & egged her friends daughter on to continue having a nag at me. Thing is if any kid had a go at my partner for what ever resean i would stick up for my partner, whether it by our child, her children or friends children, i dont very often get the same respect back.

It all started when my partner got home with the toddler which is our child, her step daughter & step daughters friend. I was in the house by my self for about 1 hour by my self so it was lovely & quit. When they came in the noise level went right up, i needed time for my ears to adjust to the change in volume. I said to my partner & others 2 about stop shouting & then i went to explain why, as i needed to adjust the ear volume & get used to it again. (Been having trouble with my hearing lately) That was already to let, my partner had a go at me on & off the the night & would of let any one else have a go also (she was in that kinda mood with me that she didt care).
This can happen alot some times.

Im thinking of actually leaving her, as i if i try & talk about it we end up arguing & i dont like arguing. (She will let me say some thing to her but it depends on what mood she is in & she will only listen for so long.

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hi again, i am going to counselling.
Hast made a brilliant difference regarding our family relationship or family.
The way things are now going, i have given her 2 opitunities about me leaving & she has just dodged the question. She is just pushing me further away.