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SS12 has a potty mouth..

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SS12 will literally say someone is a d**k right in front of me (step mother), cusses under his breath, has cussed out his own grandmother. There is no way, I CANNOT imagine my daughters mouthing off to me or anyone else, using that languagwe.If they had, they would be picking their baby teeth off the floor!! This literal SPAWN OF SATAN gets away with EVERYTHING!! MARK MY WORDS, THIS WILL BE THE UNDOING OF MINE AND MY SO'S RELATIONSHIP IF I CANNOT DISENGAGE IN PEACE! 


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Ive been there before .  exSS14 would mimic me under his breath and tell his dad to F off all the time ,, the kid never swore directly at me but definately behind my back.  Once i went through the brats instagram DM's and found he'd been messaging girls calling them bitch's and sluts,,,i was mortified!!! but nothing was done of course.  If it were my son,, his phone would have been at the bottom of the pool along with all his other belongings 

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YES INDEED! We also caught him on an app called 'discord', talking to random girls, cussing them out, calling them b**ches and wh**es, f**k you, all kinds of things. His dad took away his phone for a month, once he got it back, he was back on his bs, cussing under his breath towards my daughters where his dad can't hear. Of course, my daughters see how he is treated compared to them, and doesn't tell my SO, so he doesn't get in trouble near enough as he should. 

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Nothing a sharp back hand finger flick to the lips won't fix.  Or a set of cherry red butt cheeks from a meeting with a belt.

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If I I only could. His dad BARELY lays a finger on him. It takes ALOT for him to get the belt.