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SS & BS share a room, and it's HELL!!! Any advice.. please

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OK, so when we all moved in as one, my other half decided that since his son was oldest, now 13, should have his own room and my son 11 and his son 10 should share, now my son has never shared, and his boys always did. Normally there wouldn't be a problem, close in age, no big deal. Well, they might be close in age, 10 & 11 but his 10 year old acts like a 4 year old, he breaks all of my son's things, gets into everything of his, and of course my other half, does NOTHING. Now, my opionion is that since the two are brothers, they should share, or we should do something to make a room for my son. NOPE.... But I said to him, if your 10 year old wanted his own room, you'd do it, and he said yes! He thinks that because my son isn't there as much as his two are, it's fine, well maybe my son would want to be here more if he had his own space. I'm not kidding, my SS10, throws tantrums in stores, if the other boys pick just a little at him he cries, if he loses at checkers, he cries. His maturity is at a 4 year old due to his BM treatment of him, but that's way too much to get into in this post.

What can I do to make the situation with rooms better? Anyone out there face this or have, what did you do?

I suggested that if someone breaks something of the others they need to use their allowance and buy them a new one... NOPE, wasn't fair the DH said because his 10 year old was the one breaking everything.

lord help me!!!