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Split medical costs, insurance, and difficult BM. WWYD?

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What would you do?
DH and BM have 60/40 split of medical care. INsurance deductible has not been met yet. BM does not like the insurance coverage we provide (as court-ordered we do) and is struggling financially at the moment (in her defense). DH pays her child support.
BM took SS to the urgent care in March, and signed financial responsibility. She also (sneaky) had the bill sent in HER name to DH's address (here).
DH returned the bill to her, and she gave it back to DH wanting him to pay the whole thing (and she's saying she's not able to reimburse him for her share either). See the pissing match starting?
DH reminds her that per the Order, she has to pay the bill since she incurred it, and he'll reimburse her within 30 days.
SO, BM THEN called the billing office, had them put ME as the guarantor (I'm just a SM, but am the policyholder).
So, the bill was sent again, to me (in my maiden name to boot) at our address here. For the full amount.
I just spent an hour on the phone trying to get my name off of financial responsibility, off as guarantor, paid only DH's portion, and had them send the remaining bill to BM name at HER address.

She made some hefty moves here I'd like to NOT have happen again.


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All I can say is good luck! I've been the policy holder for my SK's for year & several years ago the SD's were visiting friends in our state (but they lived the next state over at the time). YSD had to go to the ER after getting hurt on a trampoline and neither parents were there to authorize finiancial responsibility. I think BM did it by phone, but not even sure of that, because we knew nothing about it until we get a big fat bill in the mail for the entire amount several weeks later. Turns out the hospital had BM & her current hubby listed as being financially responsible, but she called & had DH put on there and her hubby taken off. DH paid his half of the bill and he sent a copy of the court order stating BM was responsible for the other half. Funny how she could call & get something changes, but a court order meant nothing! Naturally she didn't pay her part, so guess who then got another bill for the remainder?? Yep, even after numerous phone calls. A summons to court was issued coinciding with our payment of the other half just to clear DH's name, since both of our jobs require good credit ratings/backgrounds. So naturally this cleared BM's name.

And to top it off, when they went to court for a CS mod months later, she tried springing over $1500 worth of medical bills on him that he had never even seen before (minus this particular one), including a partial payment on this, which we had already paid in full. Luckily the judge asked her if she had filed to have this heard, which she hadn't and turns out she never did. Close inspection of the "packet" later revealed all kinds of math errors on her part, including an overpayment of both insurances (she was covered under her SD's policy too) on one bill, but BM was trying to claim DH owed her that. Real genious!