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Special Weekend planned and the INCONSIDERATEZ coming out of the woodwork

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Dh and I have special weekend planned and the inconsiderates of DH family texting and calling with Bad  NEWS. They all know how special this weekend is.

We haven't heard from them in months, weeks,  and BAM......

SS off  the narcotic wagon calling wo is me.

Cousin "leach"  calling family member not well...hell they haven't been well for 2 years. Why call crying this weekend. 

As if they are trying to ruin this weekend. 

I told DH handle this.  I said I'm tired of this  bad news that's out if your control. I'm tired of how this affects us.  Cut this poison off.   I said you dont want me to handle it do you?  

He knows I will,  oh Honey how I will.  

Inconsiderate,  self absorbed people.  The  SD never calls to say anything POSITIVE EVER.   I told  him this needs addressed.   If you cant call to say hi how are you, goodluck, wishing you well, etc. THEN DONT CALL WITH YOUR SH____Told him how it affects him and us and I'm tired if it.  

So in about an hour shes to call.  Let's see if he handles  it.  

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Well the call was about the ss who is on drugs and making sd and bio mom miserable.   Telling lies,  etc etc.  

Dh says you know (spouse) and I have a special weekend planned  and sd starts crying. 23 years old mind you.  Dh says can't  wait  to hang out with you and (spouse).  She's speechless not one word.  Then wants to hang up the phone immediately.  Why whimpering. 

Shes definitely going to be a problem.  She refuses to congratulate., say I'm happy for you dad.  Or acknowledge  me in anyway.   

Oh brother.

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Turn off your cell phone the night before you leave for your special weekend.  Poor SD wasn't invited to this fun weekend.  She will not like that and will try something 

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If it is a turd... flush it.

End of problem.

Regardless of which side in the blended family squeezed it out.

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Well the in law cousin called to say her mom was going  to die any day maybe on our weekend.  Hell  she's been dying a year now.   Then ss called again  wo is me.  Yes she e knew good and well about our plans 

I told DH the only time anyone calls or text you is when they  need something.  

Hes turning off his phone.  Ssid he doesn't want to talk about his kids this weekend.  Hum.....

He hates it when I remove his rose colored glasses.