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Sooooo many issues.. idk where to even begin..

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If you've read my previous posts, you know that my SS11 is a lying, conniving, manipulative little brat. He has been since I've been around since he was 7yo. Heck, the first few months I was with my DH, I invited them to come with me and my DD's for Halloween stuff at the zoo, and SS7 ended up not being able to go because he STOLE from his own grandmother. He will lie straight to our faces, his own father even, who has full custody of him. His mom gets him every other weekend. I've never had any issues with her. She's always backed us up with anything we have disciplined him for, even though it rarely happens. He gets away with just about everything though. He can be disrespectful to our faces, lie about things, and when he 'plays' with my DD's, he always likes for it to lead to a 'play fight' where he can be hands on, which I stop any time I see it. But, my DD11, she does not play when it comes to him being rough and will reciprocate but then she gets in trouble by DH. It makes 0 sense. 

DH and I rarely ever argue but when we do, it is almost always about either me disciplining SS11 for something or DH disciplining DD's for something he lets SS11 get away with. I like for the kids to be treated equally, as any parent would. I do get annoyed at SS11 when he messes up, and I discipline him, and he learns and moves on. But, SS11 does not learn, he just keeps on doing whatever we try to tell him not to do. 

DH has expressed how bad he feels for SS because SS apparently tells DH that he thinks I hate him. Even though, I buy him clothes, buy him gifts, any school project I do with him, any school event, I help him with, and that's just a small list. I play games with him, and my DD's, I tell him little stories about my life before him and his dad. I do more for him than his own mother does, but I am the evil one? I am the one who catches so much grief from him and his mother is put on a pedestal and this is nothing against his mother at all. But, I just don't see how SS tells DH that he thinks I hate him when I do so much for him and care for him like I do. 

Anytime I express any kind of annoyance towards SS is when he does something wrong and I do the same thing for my DD when they do something wrong. They get disciplined, we call it a lesson learned and move on. There's so much more to say but idk how to even express everything at the moment. 

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You take care of discipling yours and let him take care of his. As for your SS telling his dad you "hate" him. Nah. That's manipulation by a child....and he's winning with his dad. Everything you listed shows you do care for this kid. All part of the game playing of kids in general but your DH is making it "okay" when it is NOT.