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She won’t say yes to the kids getting therapy and here’s why

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DH has been trying to get HCBM to agree for the kids to get therapy. (They have joint legal and the therapists will not see them without both parents consent) she said she won't agree until he shares his diagnosis so they can give the therapists a full pictures of his "mental health issues" my husband has autism level 1 which means he's perfectly capable of anything anyone else is. He is also gifted and incredibly intelligent. He also went to one of the top universities in the world, has a wondeful career and very high position at the same job for the last 10 years, he is successful both at work and at home. We have a very strong marriage, he's a wonderful dad and stepdad. So, she's going to now use this as a way to say he's unfit. She is the sick one. She is the one with mental issues, she is the high conflict one, she is the narcissist. Yet she keeps trying to do everything in her power to make my husband seem like he's the one with the problem. It's so frustrating!!!! 

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Psych Evals sound great in theory until the judge orders you to pay for it and they can start at around 2500.

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Well we already did that. I mean it was not exactly a psych evaluation but he did get tested. It came out as him having Autism level 1 which we pretty much already knew. They did test him fior other things as well. But, that's what his final diagnosis was.

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Via your lawyer - the response should be - BM agrees to a full psychiatric evaluation, at that time, when her evaluation is complete and submitted to the court, I will submit my medical records. 

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Therapy is pointless for skids of a HCBM, she will sabotage it.  She will also play games with the bill and make you pay for it, and she will change providers and try to turn the whole thing against you.

Psych evals are expensive and don't accomplish anything.  Having a diagnosable disorder doesn't matter unless he/she can prove it severely impacts her/his parenting in a bad way.  

Just put the rope down.  Just stop.

There was a woman in my town with unmedicated schizophrenia that kept calling 911, saying her son was a demon.  She ended up stabbing him to death.  Everyone knew it was coming, but the authorities couldn't take custody from her.  In that case they should have. 

But having narcissism, or autism, or whatever, no one cares.


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She's now saying she needs his records ASAP so they can give the therapists full disclosure going into therapy. She said "please get the records to me ASAP" it's crazy making! She feels like she owns my DH. He does nothing for her to feel this way. He ignores her, only uses BIFF responses, doesn't give her anything, doesn't talk to her, nothing! Yet she keeps acting like he owes her whatever she wants. It's so frustrating!!