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SD12 Playing Little Games

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At the beginning of the school year BM asked if oldest SD could come to our house in the mornings that she has skids while waiting to catch the bus. Skids are enrolled in our district not BM's and we live next to the elementary school and bus stop for middle school. A month into the arrangement and one day SD doesn't show. DH asks where she is and BM says she "has other arrangements". This morning after dropping DS off at school I went to the store. Low and behold there's SD sitting at the bus stop 45 minutes before the bus arrives. Then DH comes home from work for a second and gets a text from SD that's whining about him not waving at her when he drove by. Just so he knows she's out there... Trying to look all pathetic I'm sure. Keep in mind we live in Alaska, it's 24 degrees right now with an inch of snow on the ground.
DH says that her sitting out there in the mornings won't last long and I let him know that she won't be coming back to our house in the mornings. Shes already screwed that one up. I know this is another game to try to gain some attention and sympathy and there's no way in hell I'm letting DH fall for it.

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Why would BM dump her at the bus stop so early, instead of dropping her at your house? I'm not sure I get it.

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We don't know if this was done done by BM or by SD. To be honest I think this was SD decision. Shevthought she'd be getting extra special daddy attention in the mornings here and when she figured out that everyone is so busy they don't have time to deal with her she played the poor pitiful me card.