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SD stuck up birch !!!!

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Ok so I'm posting this as a bit of a vent as it seems like everybody else's needs come before mine my SD 13 really pisses me off with the way she acts towards her BM doing things to get attention.

winding her brother up the dogs up and even having the cheek to tell ne that I annoy her!

She is an ungrateful little cow and hardly ever says thankyou unless prompted by her mother, does jack shit around the house as I have asked her to do things and just get ignored and I'm sick if her attitude.

she seems to change when she has been with her father who doesn't see me as any kind of figure in his kids life and is a control freak.

she is asked to stop winding the dog up but then either says its her dog or that she wants a cuddle.
After which I tell her to leave the dog alone before it bites her as growling from a dog usually mean leave me the fuck alone !!

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Follow the link below.......

If that doesn't give you a liveable life then leave. Step-parenting should be called step-ignore-them because that's your only hope. When the dog bites her make sure the dog doesn't take the blame and gets sent to the pound.

Oh and when you leave take the dog with you so both of you can live a life of peace.

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