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SD started school.. current custody arrangement not working out

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I’ve heard of people taking their kid’s mother/father to court for MORE custody, but have you ever heard of someone going to court to have LESS custody of their child?! That is exactly what BM is doing.

SD started Kindergarten 2 weeks ago. DH and BM agreed on what school to send her to, but in between then and now BM decided to move 2 hours away from us and SD’s school.

At this point, we are not even sure if BM sent SD to school last week (they have 50/50- every other week). BM mentioned signing SD up for school where she lives (which I mentioned is 2 hours away) but then she went on a rant about how DH should have SD full time.

I’ve been telling DH for YEARS that the week on/week off thing would not work once SD went to school. BM is completely unstable and moves around basically to wherever someone will let her and her 3 kids stay. She has never had a house of her own and she is almost 30 years old. She drifts between her mom’s house, her baby daddy’s mom’s houses.. you get the picture.

Anyway, my opinion on all of this is that SD needs a stable place to live while in school. I do NOT agree with DH getting her full time because it is not my job to raise BM’s child and it is also not DH’s full responsibility- BM is the one who wanted SD and she needs to take care of her responsibility.

That being said, my idea was this- we keep SD during the school weeks and BM have SD every day there is no school- weekends, school holidays (winter/spring breaks, etc) and during the summer (DH can get SD for a week or 2 in the summer because I know he wouldn’t want to go the whole summer without seeing her). This comes out to DH having SD just over 50%.

What do you all think of the idea? I feel like if BM takes DH to court, the judge may order an arrangement that I will not be happy with so I am trying to come up with something on my own that BM and DH may agree to. Obviously BM won’t be told it was my idea or she will reject it because of that alone. I ran it by DH and he thinks it is a good idea. Just waiting to see if BM will go for it.

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Yeah I am serious.. it takes 2 to make a baby.. that means 2 people are responsible for raising the kid..

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Exactly. BM has 3 different kids by 3 different men and was never married to any of them. Apparently they were "accidents" but I believe she planned them all to try to trap a man into staying with her dumb skank ass. Needless to say, it didn't work. Now she doesn't want the kids.

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Oh, an update- DH called the school and found out that BM has not sent SD to school. So she has not been in school since the last day DH had her (last week). Smh. This is why I am saying a new arrangement is needed now that SD is in school.