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Question: Things the Spawn Clan does to break up your marriage

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Anyone have any juicy stories about things BM, skids and in-laws do or say in hopes to break you guys up?

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Thanks for sharing wow! My ex did stuff like that at his nasty Lucifer of attorney he had, but this wacko takes the prize for all the crazy stuff all in one!

I dated a guy whose ex was like this and his ex and my ex got together and did most of the things on your list against me together. It all stopped when I broke up with the guy. He had to move 60 miles away to get away from her, as did her first husband.

This story IS BORDERLINE to the letter. Hugs. Hope things are ok with you.

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I would have waited until the SDs were back then broken all of the glass with their heads. But .... that is just me.

Relax and be methodical in implementing your life long, very deliberate, and totally painful response to their bullshit.

Most of all ... have fun in destroying their lives. }:) Biggrin Dirol

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I actually have a lot of support from BM and in laws. (BM does stressful stuff, but she isn't very self aware. On a conscious level, she likes me and has no agenda against me.)

But SDnow15 has tried everything her little brain can think of.

*Pummel me out of existence

*Beg him not to marry me (while writhing on the floor like a dying outlaw in a spaghetti western)

*Ridicule me and try to get her dad to join in

*Use up all the available oxygen with her dominating blather so that I cannot be included in any conversation all weekend long

*Flood the western hemisphere with her tears while gulping out Guilt Darts like "why doesn't dad love me anymore?" or "I always thought they'd get back together" (even her dad didn't believe her when she said that one)

Recently, in her sophistication as an experienced high schooler, she's demanded "why did you marry her?!" at the top of her tearful lip quivering voice. And announced repeatedly that "dad isn't happy anymore." Supposed to be an indictment of me. And, finally, "you're not my dad anymore."

She has said things that her dad won't even tell me, they are that terrible. None of it's worked. We are strong together. In fact, the more he is with me, the more he likes being treated well and becomes increasingly disgusted by his own daughter's behavior. Yeah, something about vinegar and honey, little girl. You'll learn it one day. We hope.

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"(while writhing on the floor like a dying outlaw in a spaghetti western)"

Haha!! I cracked up at that one!!

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Think it's very likely I would have stopped dating him, just to get that hag out of my life.

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Youngest SD then 14 swore up and down that she was being starved. Which is hilarious because she was freakin' obese.

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My FMIL invited me to have a glass of wine with her one day when we were staying at her home and my FDH wasn't around. So we sit down and chat for five minutes, and then SURPRISE BM calls her, she proceeds to have a half hour conversation with her while I'm sitting there awkwardly, and she tells her ALL of our personal business, including the address of the home that my FDH had just been contracted to work on. She then says to her "it's kind of hard to talk right now, do you want me to answer yes or no questions?" followed with a bunch of yes's and no's. LOL. When she finally says goodbye it's "Yes of course, that's what the trust money is for. Okay goodbye sweetheart, I love you too". She then looked me square in the eye and said "I'm so glad that I've kept a good relationship with (BM) and I get to spend time with my granddaughter. :sick: I left her home the next morning and haven't seen her since.

When we announced that we were pregnant the first time, my FMIL said to my FDH "don't get too excited. it's still early. don't buy anything" a few weeks later we suffered a miscarriage at 12 weeks and 4 days. I still blame her words in a weird way.

When we announced the pregnancy of our rainbow baby, I wasn't there but FMIL told my FDH "Bad timing" and that he needed to leave me, pregnant, or else he wouldn't be seeing a dime of the trust fund that his father left for him. IF he left me immediately she would rent him a house, pay for university classes and anything else he wanted. He told her to get a grip on reality.

When SD5 came out and disclosed she was sexually abused by a "friend" of BMs in her home, FMIL called FDH and told him that he needed to move back in with BM immediately and "take care of them". He told her that all he would be doing is finding a new home and seeking sole custody, this caused BM to flood him with texts about how a court will NEVER remove a child from their mother to give to him.

BM has approached my FDH in public twice, screaming that she's going to kick my f*cking ass, and that he's never going to see his daughter again.

BM approaches us with the child in public at inappropriate times whenever she sees us, so as to make us uncomfortable and to guilt FDH I guess.

When FDH and I first moved in together she would come inside our home during drop offs/pick ups, and linger, leaning against the counter, making bedroom eyes at my FDH, completely ignoring me, casually eating food off of our counter. I put a stop to that nonsense quickly. Once she was no longer welcome to come inside our home she was calling him all the time and messaging him, asking him to come sleep over at her home and be a family with them for the kids sake (LMFAO). At one point she was suffering from a fatal stomach illness (unnamed) and there was a "serious possibility" we would have to take soon. As she learned that SD actually likes me, that became less and less of a threat.

Wow, felt good to get that off my chest.

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Yep, same here, both MIl and BM- exact same story you just told. What they miss is he surreal love DH and I have for each other and that is impenetrable by all their schemes. Hugs.

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When she found out that my bride was dating someone a month or so after she left to attend college out of state Sperm Grandhag filed for custody in her idiot son's name without telling him. That started our 16+ year battle with the Sperm Clan.

- Dickhead would call periodically crying about how much he missed my bride and the Skid and how he wanted them to all be a family again. No mention of his several subsequent also out of wedlock spawn my 2 more baby mamas.

- Sending missionaries to our house to try to convert us and mainly to try to find something that Sperm Grandhag could use to foster her delusions of Skid custody.

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1) After we got married, BM phoned DH to yell at him. She said was a "stranger" and that SD was not allowed to call any of my family members "aunt/uncle/grandma/etc".

2) Shortly after that, she found out about a cattle sale my parents have every year. She texted DH the day before and said she was going to go to it and tell all the people there bad things about us. She was hoping it would bother my parents and they would encourage me to leave him.

3/4/5/6.....) She constantly emailed my husband to bash me and accuse me of doing things I hadn't done.

There's so much more! I could write a book.

Actually, I forgot the first thing she ever did. When DH and I started dating, she broke into his house one night, drunk, and told him she still loved him and wanted him back. SD was there at the time. The commotion woke her up and scared her. DH kicked BM out and then she moved in with her BF a few weeks later.

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usual shit...

BM..texting lies to me about them getting it on, that he could never me faithful to me...trying to get back with my husband...kissing him on lips in front of their kid so he didn't really feel comfortable to make a scene..when we were still trying to all be friends and we did a couple of things together she got all dressed up just in the style my husband likes, wearing jewelry that he gave her but then spent the whole time being derogatory to him in front of me and their kid...insisting on one version of their ever changing parenting plan that I was specifically named as being banned from taking care of their daughter for the "first eight months" of my marriage (still angry that my husband agreed to that)...