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preening conflicts

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I need a little advice from step parents out there to see if I am just wound too tight.

My wife has two sons, age 10 and 15. They have TVS in their rooms and the 10 year old has a small refrigerator. I have a 4 year old and a 7 year old. They do not have TVS in their rooms because I wasn't raised that way and the last thing I think they need are TVs. They need to be outside having fun, not playing video games all day and watching god knows what. My wife is adamant about things being equal, which I agree. I am not going to allow my kids to have TVs, let alone a refrigerator so how are.things going to be equal? I don't want my kids to think it is unfair.

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My partners kids have TVs for watching movies in room at 7 and 9. But these are regulated. They have to be outside at least two hours a day playing with friends in week or at least four each day weekend
If no friends out we take them walk to beach /park etc
And tv off when we say it
( it's one of the few things that goes right)

You can if you like when the time comes say 'you felt this is best for your kids and I didn't like it but I respected it. Now you must respect this rule for my kids' I guess. But I am with you. They should be out with mates having the craic not glued to those things

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I also should add I had a room in my fridge at 13. But I had to earn the money for snacks and drinks for it
It was my first piece of independence and I loved it