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Petty Stocking Dramas

Molly77's picture

Having a little drama with stocking order lol.......I know it's silly but it's what's happening. I would love to hear in what order other blended families put their stockings.......

CajunMom's picture

Have them pull names and put in that order. It can change every year that way. Or, begin a rotation program. Or, as AgedOut said, oldest to youngest.


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I didn't know there was an order! I used to just put them up randomly. This year I'm not bothering to even fill YSDs. DH can do it.

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I would tell them Santa puts funner stuff into the stockings when the kids don't argue about which order they go in :) 

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We didn't hang stockings for the kids, we got stockings with our cats' names on them and hung those instead and put the kids' stockings under the tree.  Granted, they were older teens by that point but it resolved any conflict or hurt feelings plus everyone knows our cats run the show anyway.