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No one told me being a step parent was so HARD!

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I’m really struggling lately. I feel like my step kids don’t appreciate anything and they don’t get along with my children. It’s so hard. I try so hard to treat them as my own. I was excited to have step kids but it’s so overwhelming. 

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Don’t do anything for them. Don’t treat them like your own. Don’t expect anything from them such as appreciation or love. If they choose to appreciate and love you, kudos to them, but you don’t expect it. Reserve your energy for more important things.

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I agree with Areyou.

The skids have two parents. Let them parent. It's very possible that their BM could be poisoning them against you and/or the skids are made to feel guilty for appreciating anything you do for them.

Concentrate on YOUR children. As for the skids, be polite. Let your DH handle the parenting.

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Just accept that they are little aholes and there is nothing you can do about their behavior. 

Do not be mean or cruel to them but just try to isolate you and your children from them. 

They have two parents and you are not one of them. 

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Reality often overcomes what we want.  When that happens I go with the facts are neither good nor bad, they are merely facts perspective..

Your kids are dickheads.  Confront their behavior and don’t worry about the fantasy of the Brady bunch.

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Daddeee may live in a fantasy world of yes, yes....but that does not mean you wish to raise your children with zero boundaries and disrespect for everybody around them. There is and will aways be right and wrong behavior toward others, let daddeee keep viewing their disgusting behavior through his rose colored glasses. You stay away from the mess at all costs until he mans up; but don't bet on it happening...get as selfish as he is and stay that way until things change.

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I feel you

its, hands down, the hardest thing I have ever done. I am not appreciated and not respected in any way. I have had to disengage to save myself some sanity; but it’s still very hard and yes, very overwhelming.