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Mom is tracking them on their cellphone

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Not that we are doing anything wrong but HCBM tracks the kid's every move which means tracking us! This makes me feel so creeped out! If she wasn't so nuts I wouldn't really care but she's freaking nuts and it makes me so uneasy knowing she's watching everything we do. Ugh!!!

Any advice on how to handle this? 

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Location services are turned off when they are at your house, or they leave their phones in a drawer. Their choice.

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Unless she is showing up to the places you are at and being confrontational there really isn't much you can do. Your DH can insist they leave their phones in their rooms, or turned off, or left with their mother, but you already know that won't happen.

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Typical HCBM move.  You could take the phones on a tour of the local ghetto and freak her out!  Stop at a strip joint, liquor store, etc.   If only right?  Turn off the phones, leave them in a drawer whatever is easiest and take your life and privacy back.  She can F off.  

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BM used to do this and what actually helped was telling SD. 

BM would call DH and ask about where we were at and freely admitted to checking the location. SD turned off her own location after that!

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We found out because she was texting SS telling him to turn on find your iPhone while he was with us. DH saw it when it popped up on his phone. 

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DH needs to address this with SS. The phone can either have "Find My Phone" turned on and the phone can stay home or he can bring his phone but make sure it is turned off. You won't allow a tracking beacon to follow your family's every move. 

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My ex-SIL, a person I like and respect, has custody of his GS.  He was married to SD60 back in the day so understands her capacity for deception better than most.  The boy's mother, SD60's daughter, lost custody.

Ex-SIL wasn't taking any BS from either of them.  He was strict and firm about visitation and where the child could go.  He put a GPS tracker on the carseat and subjected them to random drug tests.  Go Ex-SIL!


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*wacko* BM tracks the skids but still calls them to ask where they are... if I could make it make sense I would. As long as she isn't jumping at us from random bushes it's just one of those things that aren't worth my husband having to speak with her.