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Lol!!! She just keeps lying!

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Omg. So we did discovery and HCBM had to give emails between her and other therapists. She completely wrote out to one therapist what her entire problem is and I don't even know what to think. 

She lied. I mean outright lied. Said my husband had supervised visits (never happened) he has 50/50 joint legal and physical custody. She said he has had serious anger issues. Nope again. She says the kids are "very unhappy with the family that my husband has forced on them" Umm we have more blended families now than nuclear families. All of us have "forced" this one them??  my god... she's still not over it!! Then she said the kids tell her all the time how unhappy they are here. Uhhhh really?? We have 500000 videos and pictures of them as happy as can be, texts saying they had a good time, saying they can't wait to come over. I have cards that say "thanks for being the best stepmom in the world" 

I am SO GLAD I saw this. Now I know exactly what to do going into the deposition she's pulling me into. Lol!!! She's going to be VERY SORRY she ever pulled me into this. VERY SORRY. I know what she's been lying about now and the story she is trying to present. These  poor kids feel like they have to hate us to gain her approval. Ugh! 

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We got access to an application to private school that BM made during their divorce. At the time she wrote that DH had "abandoned" her and SS, but they were "getting by".  They had 50/50 custody!  It's more than lying, it's almost delusional for these women. 

Has DH gotten a manifesto from her about what he said to the kids?

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Omg. That is ridiculous. Nope. She hasn't said anything. I literally have no idea what happened. If they told her or not. But, DH is trying to find a therapist again and hoping she will agree. These poor kids should not be taking in this burden. Mom has a problem with DH having a family, she makes no secret of this to the kids so they feel they have to bad mouth us to please her then dad on the other side explains that he understands why they are doing this but in  doing so is causing mom to say dreadful things about our family and it's causing her to try and get them away from us. 
That is a whole lot of pressure on these kids! 

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TMI is a huge risk in a deposition with the blended family opposition.

Do not show them any of the contra evidence that you have for her lying bullshit. Collect a copy of every thing you can and cooperate with  your counsel on baring BM's lying manipulative ass in front of the Judge when it gets to court.

Be vague, be brief, respond only to direct questions that are relevant in your opinion, be mercenary, and learn.

IMHO of course.

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Our bm gave permission to a very very close family relative of her's to lie on an official document. Super official document.,

 Biological Fathers whereabouts unknown.

That person walked away with a lot of money in their pockets. Of course nothing happened.

What the HELL.....

That is just one of many many lies.

Sorry you are going through this OP..I feel the pain YOU feel. It never ends.

Just remember where there is smoke, there is fire.


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We have soooooooo much documentation debunking her lies it's ridiculous and I don't mean just some text messages. I mean school counselors, therapists affidavits ect... she has nothing. 

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We lived under the Custody/Visitation/Support CO for the first 16+ years of our marriage. DW lived under the initial CO for a year before we met.

We had it all. Thousands of pages of documentation, Dozens of hours of recorded telephone conversations and V-mails  with and left by the SpermClan, Much of that vitriolic rants and attacks on my DW by SpermGrandHag. Court recordings broken down into typed transcripts with their lies highlighted and cross referenced to the supporting documentation and proof of their lies.  The Skid's Pediatrician reports on his pre-departure condition (clean, healthy, happy, conversant, etc....) and his neglected state upon return from SpermLand visitation (extreme BO, black sludge under his harms, inside his elbows, behind his knees, around the skin under his waist band, being in an obviously multiple day old loaded and soaked diaper, puss filled welts all over his butt cheeks, a raw bleeding anus from insane diaper rash, quarter in long finger and toe nails, florecent yellow teeth, etc, etc, etc...). PI reports and video of the SpermIdiot taking under the table payment for off books plumbing jobs he was doing to hide income and reduce  his CS obligation. The SpermIdiot's arrest records, gang affiliations, etc... SpermGrandPa's daliences with his mistress. The SpermIdiot's tax returns, employment, and income information, etc, etc, etc..... Statements from SS's teachers and school counselors on the cyclical changes related to his visitation schedule, etc.....................................................................................

Their lawyer (of the moment)  and the Judge (of the moment)  would cringe when we would walk into court with a couple of file boxes of information all extremely organized, collated, cross referenced, with a tape player on top of the box for reviewing recorded conversations, V-mails, court recordings, etc, etc, etc.... Never pick a fight with a scary smart CPA who is in protect her kid mode and has a high income DH who has her back and the Skid's back. 

I cannot even estimate the number of times someone on our side played the "Your Honor, that is not entirely accurate" card followed by entering a document into the record, listening to a tape recording, etc.............. 

Invariably the SpermIdiot, SpermGrandHag, or whoever was testifying would erupt with "That isn't fair!" when we played conversations or presented a document of them saying, ranting, writing, etc... something they just told the Judge had never happened, they had never done, or never said.

We kept everything for the entire 16+ years under the CO and moved it with us a couple of times in the few years after SS aged out from under the CO.... just in case.

Their attorneys more than once just sat down and tossed their pen on the table when our attorney would stand up to start dissecting their bullshit while DW just kept sliding the lawyer the evidence that bared their asses.  I was always excluded from the courtroom as a witness. Their attorney would always move to exclude witnesses from the court room because the SpermIdiot did not want his GPs, mommy, dad, sister, BIL, etc..... to know the shit he was up to.  I would exit the witness holding room and observe through the glass panels in the doors to the courtroom. That was some extremely entertaining stuff.

When we had telephone hearings I was still always excluded but... a muted speaker phone took care of that crap.  When they would move for me to be excluded we would move for SpermGrandHag to be excluded and the SpermIdiot would freak out to lose his mommy.  Our last telephone hearing was during one of SS's SpermLand visitations and you could hear SS and his three younger SpermIdiot spawned half sibs running around the room playing.  I whispered in my DW's ear to make the Judge aware of that. Her honor ripped the SpermIdiot and SpermGrandHag a new asshole for that one after my DW demanded that her son not be anywhere he could hear or see what was going on during the telephone hearing.

Have fun!!!!!!


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Just so you know, make sure you're paying close attention to this:  the deposition is for HER attorney to gather information about YOU.  She doesn't have to use any of the information she gets from YOU.  The judge won't see anything from the deposition unless SHE wants him to.

So, Rags is correct.  Be as brief as possible, anything you say can and will be used against you.  But you will see her strategy, yes.

Save it for the trial.  Surprise her.