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I'm having issues with my BS 9 talking back...please help!

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Normally the issues are with my SS 8 but lately my BS 9 has been talking back and getting very angry. He has been grounded for the past 3 weeks from his IPOD, phone, and video games because he was disrespectful to me. It was originally 2 weeks but he kept getting days added on for talking back or being disrespectful.

He has been looking forward to today because it was supposed to be his first day not being grounded. He came home from school and did his homework. His SB finished his homework first and went off to play. BS became upset that he wasn't done with his homework yet and started talking back. He was telling me that I'm ridiculous for checking over his homework and making him do corrections and that it is pathetic. I'm not sure where he came up with this. He was speaking in a very rude tone so I warned him that if he didn't change his attitude that he would be grounded again. He then told me that I can't ground him and he wishes he could leave. I stayed calm and did not feed into his arguing. His rude comments continued for over an hour. He hates me, i'm a lyer, he wishes he wasn't born, i'm stupid......It wasn't until he threw the remote that I got really angry. I told him to go to his room. When I turned my back he ran at me and hit the back of my leg. This was the last straw. I sent him to his BF's for the night.

I used to scream and yell back but it just made things worse.

I need a good punishment. He has already been without everything for 3 weeks and doesn't seem to mind or he wouldn't act like this. Spanking doesn't work because he is too big. I'm up for creative punishments. Please help.

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Geez that sound like my SS every day behavior. That's why I had to disengage and avoid them. They do this w/DH & BM on everything and anything & they usually win. All of them are fools! I have no patience for it (disrespect to adult) but DH & BM seem to think skids are mini-me's and don't need to do anything they don't feel like ever ever ever just like them for sure.