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I can stand my Step kids

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I feel horrible but I cant stand my step kids I have been married to my husband for 5 years and we got his kiids full time because BM located in florida was doing drugs so the kids had to come anf li9ve with us, I have aq 12 yo BS, his daughter is 12 yo and she is mouthy she called cps on my husband becasue her mother wich is a homesless person in FL told her to do it, she does not have phone but she is sneaky and asked a friend to let her use it, his son is 14 he does not take a shower for weeks eats everything he sees they wait for me to cook when I work FT and going to school, my son does not wait for me he cooks for me and for himself, my sk have a disability that my husband does not want to see, I dont know what to do I can not stand them anymore, he has another BD who I love like my own we get along very good since I meet my husband 5 years ago she is from diferent mother and since my sk live with me4 I have no relationship with her anymore because of these kids I love my husband but I dont think I can keep living like this.

my son does not get along with my husband or his kids is like 2 different families here, help

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Let me guess, you're not working right now and won't be able to support yourself or your son on your own income (or lack thereof). It would be an absolute exercize in futility trying to get these people to change, and the only way to move forward, for your sake and the sake of your son, is to leave. Full stop.

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Wow, that is a snarky response. Particularly when she said she works full-time and is going to school. 

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Sorry, her response was written very poorly and it was hard to read much of it. If she works full-time, that is a great head start on getting her independent and safe from these worthless people she has entangled herself with. 

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Did you actually READ her post?!?!

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That is rough.

I understood u have 1biokids and 3 skids w/ 2 diff BM?

Your BS and SD12 And SS14 live with you becauss BM moved out of state and is a druggie. The other SD you never see but you had good relationship with. 

You have a full time job and go to school?

If you do not depend financially on Dh then I would say you do need your own place even for only you but especially for your biochild. 

Have you tried talking to your husband?Maybe some counseling might help? Or having your own space in the house?

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I feel the same my husband has 4 kid a from a previous marriage. When I first came around they were fine and actually very respectful to me. Now after almost 4 years the 7 year ols is a complete brats to me. The 7 year old is the worst he talks back. Just yesterday he ripped his brother library book for no reason and my husband just said don't do it again like come on he did it in purpose. Then on top of that he is a jealous brat when his baby sister was born he broke all her stuff. I'm  a teacher and baby stuff is expensive. He won't stop and my husband just feels sorry for him all because he was 2 when they divorced. But here's the kicker of it all his bio mom babies him to no end he sucks his thumb oh no it's ok it's cute. I'm at my wits end with him like I've tried everything.

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arrangement,; his kids are unhappy in this arrangement. You are unhappy in this arrangement, and I would imagine that your husband hears enough complaints from both sides that he must be disenchanted with this situation as well.

You have a household without a single happy person. Why do you not try living apart. Surely living apart in peace and serenity is better than living together in misery.

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Historically I am not one to recommend allowing toxic prior relationship crotch turds to jeopardize a marriage.  Over time I have evolved that perspective to more of a zero tolerance perspective where the parent lacking the testicular fortitude to control their ill behaved prior relationship breeding experiments can take their spawn and leave.

So, you have a choice.  Put your foot down and let the toxic spawn and your SO know that the ill behaved kids will not be allowed to end the marriage and they will immediately begin experiencing an existance of escalating misery until they embrace reasonable behavior ... or .... call the locksmith, re-key the locks, and put your SO and the spawn in the gutter.

My transition in perspective started when my SS-26 launched and we no longer had to deal with the shallow and polluted end of his gene pool.  When his mom and I were raising him I was fully commited to defending our marriage, holding the Skid accountable for compliance with reasonable standards of behavior, and destroying the toxic blended family opposition when the stepped out of line.  Once he aged out form under the CO and we no longer had the incessent drama I shifted to a purge the turds philosophy.

I would not have allowed toxic Skid or blended family opposition crap to end my marriage.   Fortuneately we are past that risk.

You have a choice to make.

Good luck.