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I am willing to go to jail for uppercutting BM in the jaw

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Well...that was a dramatic opener. But BM's latest shenanigans make me think about committing a felony ever so often. As today is Mother's Day in Germany where we live, mommy dearest a.k.a. "The Tick" of course had to pollute my DH's e-mail inbox with the usual gibberish ("my children that I love sooooo much but do not give a shit about really..."). You know the drill. Once again I was amazed to what levels of delusion she can take her bullcrap. She is a certified super victim of everything, never responsible or to be held accountable for anything. She also is a pathological liar and lives in another dimension on planet Whatthefuck. Check this out: Allegedly, they cut out a meter of her colon and replaced it with part of a pig colon and now she is " in soooo much pain and suffering hellishly". According to her, that is why she was not able to visit her children since Christmas. Welp...according to my research (of about three min.) there has never been a transplant of a pig colon in the EU or even world wide plus your health has to be in a severely bad state and patients must be dependent on artificial nutrition to even be put on the waiting list for a new organ. In no fucking way is there even a little bit of truth in that whole story. She also had cancer before...even several times...ALL of the cancers. She was raped, she was beaten, she had the Black Plague, Dengue fever and Hep. A to Z. Maybe they can transplant her a functioning brain one day. Looking forward to that.

Oh and I am new here but have been an avid lurker ever since I became a stepmom Smile

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Gads, she sounds like a terrible pathological liar. Maybe a swarm of locusts could replace her brain...

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I feel for you having to put up with this stuff.  Hang in there.

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for your kind words. Since S-Talk I know that a lot of step parents have similar problems. That helps a lot. @Aniki I am pretty sure that they are already swarming in there lol. @JRI I could fill a book about BM's crap at this point. Everyone would say I have a wild imagination but all of it actually happened.

@Dollbabies I wish she would take off and live there permanently lol.

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I am convinced that my BM and SD29  hailed from that exact location. They sound like they could all be great friends. At the time I started dating DH, BM and SD were living together in dysfuntion junction in Las Vegas. I've only grown to Rue the Day they decided to ever move back here inflicting their drama. LV is close enough to being another Planet from NYS, so that would be good enough for me.  Sorry you are going through this too.  NOT Alone 

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Besides, alot of that crap resides in the tunnels under the city and when a rain storm hits the bodies flow out of the tunnels. Tragic for sure.

The surface dweller version are more than enough to deal with.

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My BM has referred to herself as the Troll who lived under a City Bridge during her homeless drug fueled days. Thats one thing that I she would be right at home attempting to live in those tunnels.  Dont worry about her or SD29 actually going back  there.. SD.who had this very brief pipe dream to move to Florida..still far enough away from me...but alas..thats another thing that didnt come to fruition. That would involve actually doing something on her own like an adult  ( or at least geting her ass up off the couch) and put a hold on being a professional victim and Moocher  which is her whole Motto.  

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Phew. Thats a relief.

Take care of you.  Defending our peace and life of living well is always a full time campaign when these types are circling the walls.  Eventually, they circle the toilet on their way down. That... cannot happen soon enough.

Give rose

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Thank you for posting this. I love your writing style and giggled while reading it.

Sometimes laughing at the audacious crazy is the only way to get through this step poo.

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Since a person can live quite easily without a colon, I can't imagine a reason that one would ever have part of a pig colon inserted in their body. She needs to come up with better lies.

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@LittleTypeAmy I often wonder how you become a person like that. And how not aware of the world around you you have to be to constantly make the same mistakes again and again. And how many people operate like your/my BM and SD and get away with it without Karma burning them on a constant basis. I am sorry that they brought their drama back to your area. 

@Harry I am trying really hard to never show emotion when DH shows me her nonsensical fairytales as it always pushes my rage buttons and is detrimental to me. In the e-mail mentioned previously she addressed me directly with some nasty words. I know she wants to provoke and cause drama because she is desperate for attention. She is not getting any of it from me.

@Exjuliemccoy Thank YOU for enjoying my little rant and relating. I know, sometimes the only thing you can do is just crack up about it all :) Getting it off my chest here is really great and helpful, too.

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@notsurehowtodeal There usually is a tiny piece of truth in her lies so I assume she went to the doctor because she was 

(Insert Any Reason To Not Have To Hold A Steady Job for More Than Two Months)

and he told her to eat less pork and lay off the Bratwurst as its pig colon makes you fart. lol

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Another Coincidence? my BM and her not so little Minion could have written the book ( Or three!)  about avoiding a JOB period..if they had any ambition to do that much. .I just posted my first ever blog myself this past weekend myself..and there will be more where that came from for sure! 

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I'll make sure to read your first blog and be on the lookout for more similarities. Do "your" ticks also use a trillion exclamation points and questions marks when writing something???????? I fucking hate that shit *biggrin*

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I honestly wouldnt know...SD 29 blew up at me over a reasonable boundary that  I have clearly  set over her own choices. and blocked me mid sentence on FB Messenger...I know she suddenly decided to write all in CAPS LIKE THIS to try to be all tough I guess.  I realized I shouldnt have engaged...but I felt I had to long enough to give her a chance for all the crazy to come out and bare her own ass. That was the main motivation. It totally worked...but i archived this lovely conversation to have in my arsenal in case I need it. 

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Welcome. I hope that you find this to be a good place to vent, contribute, and to pick up some useful advice and perspective from others who are living the blended family dream.

I would advise calling BM out on every sliver of bullshit she spouts.  "Hmm. Wow, I was looking for your pig colon case in the medical sites and it hasn't been published yet. When are they telling you the innovative never before done procedure will be featured in the medical publications?"

Lather, rinse, repeat with every colon erruption of stench she spouts.

And have fun baring her ass.


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@Little Type Amy Those screenshots are your friends and could come in handy. Sucks that your SD is a carbon copy of her mom and spirals downwards like her. At least I lucked out with my steps. They defy the other 50% of their genes lol

@Rags Thank you! I like your tough advice. I cannot confront the BM though. I'd go nuts myself as she is living in a different reality and would flat out deny her pig colon story. Although it's in the e-mail. *dirol*

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That how you function like that. You not understanding what you are doing. Or how people see you.  Getting divorced said one doesn't want to deal with you.  They don't want you to be part of there life's.   How you done understand this, illness.  Mothers Say she feels unimportant, because she is.  Trying to get some something to feel better.