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I’m sure this has been asked here before

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Stepmoms and Stepdads who were childless in the beginning, what was the biggest change you experienced (yourself, with your partner, with your skids, etc) when you and your partner had your own children?

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I personally really was happy with my son. But stress of my health and my SD and in-laws got really very extreme. After having our son is when things got really bad with them unfortunately. He was planned for years. We literally had my son and daughters names picked for years and prayed publicly for a boy then girl as that's all I wanted was a son then daughter. And did shettles method etc. I just don't understand fully how bad things got after having a baby. In a marriage. Planned. SD was happy with her brother at our house but I think my in laws provoked jealousy telling her we didn't love her as much etc. She told us years later they all said we didn't love her as much as our kids. So idk that anything major changed in me internally. As much as externally things went kaput. 

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I don't understand how adults can say such horrible things to a child , 'that his/her parents love the other children more'. That's really too bad