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How do you all do it ?

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Hi all,
After reading many posts,problems,etc.,i am just wondering how do you all cope with the emotional and financial stress of being stepparents ?
I am not one yet and gotta wonder,is it all worth it ???

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Do you have any kids of your own yet? How much visitation does your SO have?

For me it was just adding another kid. My FDH has full custody of his son and I have custody of my two. The incubator is minimally involved and so I don't have too much drama from her- its more the fall out from the lack of her. FSS gets very jealous of my bio's and that they have me. He also gets jealous of his dad spending time with me, even if it is just us watching tv curled up together. He acts out in very aggressive ways at home, school, camp and even in public places. It can be embarrassing and frustrating. But our issues are normal for a blended family and we are adjusting and growing as a family.

It's worth it to me though. I love my FDH so very much. I also love FSS, he is mine now even if he didn't come from my body. This is my family now, and I am happy much more often than I am stressed or overwhelmed.

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LMAO - me too!!! I thought that was just me. I have to say I really have my finger on the pulse about real estate in my area at the moment... LOL - OH wonders why...

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it all depends on your and so relationship. how strong is it? how well do you communicate? are you two a team over the step kids & him being a team? do you have kids together? how long have you been together? in the step kid(s) life? is bm in the picture and if so how's that working? how do the step kids treat you? how old are they? just a few questions lol