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Here I am....TWO months later....

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And here I am....TWO MONTHS later.

I started to see SO again, however I have NOT moved back in. His three daughters are STILL not speaking to him. He still tries to communicate with them. Last week, he called the eldest to ask how she was doing with her orthodontist appointments/braces. Just to make small talk pretty much, and her reply to him was "what part of I DON'T WANT to talk to you do you not understand?" She then hung up on him. I have been encouraging him to still reach out to them. BM says they don't need him and they are just fine without him. YET, she texts and wants to know when she can get her CP and if she can pick it up early. Yet she won't encourage any type of relationship with the kids and SO, and puts SO down. She even LIED to the kids about me and my children (who are alot younger then his kids.) I kinda don't know what to think...I mean, it's nice that I don't have to worry about these girls (who I can't even begin to tell you the drama they have caused) yet I kind of feel bad for SO. SO at first was hurt, but he says now that he doesn't care. But I know he does cause he continues to reach out to them.

The girls want absolutely NOTHING to do with SO either. I don't get it because he has NEVER done anything to them. He has never abused them but he is guilty for not parenting. Now that he see's what they have become he set rules and consequences and the kids won't come over because of the rules.

As I said before, as much as it pained me but I pushed at SO to call and at least try with them. But now that time has moved on, they still want nothing to do with him and I am at the point now that I don't want him to try anymore (I know it sounds horrible of me.) He wants to throw in the towel and just write the child support check a month for them and that's it.

I guess what I am trying to ask this all wrong? Will this come back to kick me in the ass? What if his kids decide to want to come back in the future and we have already moved on? I am just done trying with them myself and SO now accepts it. Am I wrong for telling SO I'll come back as long as his kids are out of the picture? And yes again, I know it's WRONG of me to feel this way....but you have no idea how much I have tried and pushed SO and the kids.

What do you guys think???