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Help! Dislike Boyfriend son & Hate his Bm

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Hi everyone I'm new to this form and so my topic is I'm dating this guy and within 2 months of us dating he pushes his son into the picture because his baby mother is a lazy deadbeat fake mom and he is very excessive of conversations about his son it's like every topic is reference his son and it's very annoying and the little boy has a smart mouth I let him come to my home he disrespects my couch and my boyfriend does not check him about it he left everything and it's to the point that I'm going to quit I'm sick of it I don't like his son and I don't know what to do he claim he hates his baby mother but yet he makes sure he's friends with her on every social media outlet as well as friends with her family but yet claim that she was just a one-night stand. The deadbeat baby mother got rid of the little boy because she claimed it was too much taken care of two kids but yet moved her boyfriend child and with her which clearly makes no sense I dislike this circumstance I'm sick of this relationship and I just need to know how can I fix this or say this nicely that I do not like my boyfriend son and I hate his baby mother. I'm so over it please help.

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Also I forgot to mention how much of a crybaby this little boy is my boyfriend live with his aunt and uncle but yet he gives into his annoying son and has to take his son on dates with us and shows affection to this little boy constantly while I sit across the table taken along selfies and eating my food but yeah he can't leave his annoying son in a household with his blood on his uncle this is just becoming too much at this point I'm not letting no child come to my house that is not blood and if a man can't show me balance and affection just like he showed his child. When the little annoying brats stay at my house my boyfriend cuddles up with him in the morning time even though this is my home and I'm the girlfriend I deserve hug and kisses too my boyfriend is a low life and a softy that has no backbone when it comes to a relationship. Then he needs to go so I just want to make this respectful because people think that their child is royalty when actuality that they are brats.

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If you don't like the kid, it's the parents fault. How can you like your bf if he raised a kid you don't like? 

Do you think if you chose to raise kids together they would turn out differently? 

You seem super unhappy. It's time to cut off this relationship and find a childless mate. 

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Hi, Princess.  I don't think this is the relationship for you.  There are a million red flags, i'm sure the other members will chime in to agree.   Do yourself a favor and throw this one back.  Otherwise, you'd have wasted years of coping with a  poorly parented child, arguing with your SO and feeling jealous because youre not reveiving tbe attention and love you deserve.

Take it from an old lady, you deserve a better relationship.  Good luck.

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I agree with JRI. You have only been dating for 2 months and are already feeling the stress of step parenting. There are a lot of red flags in your relationship. This should be the time when the two of you are having fun and are excited about each other. Step parenting is hard in the best of circumstances; throw this one back.

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they've dating for just two months - she she's saying after only two months of dating the child was thrust upon her.

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how old is the kid?  KIds dont go away and 10,20,30 years down the track , this kid will still be involved.  Your only 2 months in and speak poorly of this man anyway,,,throw this one back and move on

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If this is how it is in the honeymoon period when everyone normally tries to be on their best behaviour, it is only going to get worse.  Move on and find someone else.  This doesn't seem worth it.

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Like you said, you're sick of this relationship so break up and tell him to move ouit. The point of dating is to find the right person, not to find a person and hope they'll change into what you want. This one's a dud, time to let him go.

Better luck next time.

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You're focusing your anger and resentment on the child, when it's much better placed on the dad. It's your BF who allows this behavior. He's a horrible parent, and that won't change. You will always come after the child, and it sound like after the child's mother as well.

That's no way to live. While leaving a relationship is never easy, it's a whole lot easier than enduring what you have now.

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Throw this one back hon.  You stick around and you'll be stuck with the little brat and his poor excuse of a father forever.  

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Whelp consider yourself lucky.  You found all this out before you moved IN or became pregnant.  Time to cut sling load. Tell him it is you, not him.

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