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Haha! BM is paying child support!

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Best news all day! Bm moved to a different state with drugie bf..DH has full custody and she thought they wouldn't "find out" that she's working (her very first job ever in her life) And is now being mandated to pay CS and finally all the back CS!

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After three years of having sole custody of his daughter with BM having little to no contact she has finally been ordered to pay CS (I was the driving force behind him filing). I think it's hilarious because now she's mad and being pitiful about it (never mind she nailed DH for five years for CS even though he always gave her money on the side and bought his daughter everything she ever needed).I'll never understand these parents who think they can walk away and have nothing to do with their kids and then get mad when their made to be financially responsible.

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BM is ordered to pay a whopping $200 a month and still has only managed to pay about four months of CS. She even said on recording "I will go to jail before I give you a penny of my hard earned money. There's a reason I quit my job."