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Most recently, my step-daughters grandma was really upset that she didn't see her granddaughter. Grandma spent the entire week with her granddaughter because James and I were working. When we came back that weekend, we wanted to spend time with his baby (my "step-daughter" because we are not married). Grandma didn't see her that weekend, and by Sunday afternoon that weekend, she was explosively upset, by slamming doors every time she came and went through any door, while uttering profanity under her tongue. Mind you, were currently live with grandma because we are searching for a house. If I could move, I would right now. I took my step daughter, and took her and myself to my moms house, because I knew grandma was upset about something, just didn't know what, I asked James to talk to her while I was gone. Turns out, she was upset because she felt that James and I were trying to take her granddaughter away from her since we were spending all the time with the baby. Since I took her to my moms house that afternoon, I set her off even more. I was upset because she was upset that I took the baby with me, and was slamming doors.

Is this normal???

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Need to get out of there and fast. Grandma has become mom (she is the provider of place to live, a main cg) and the dynamic is such that she feels entitled and spurned (somewhat understandably) like the mom of the child would. You need to allow her to resume her rightful role as Grandma because this is only going to get worse.

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You took her grandchild to your mother's house???!!! Bad move.

Just read your bio. You really need to listen to the folks who are trying to tell you that your are overstepping.

You are not that little girl'so mother. Your BF doesn't need you to step into the mom role. It sounds like grandma is more than willing to help dad with the kid.

If my son son was living in my house with his child and a GF, I'd be slamming more than just doors.

If this were my son, you would be moving out of my house ASAP