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Freedom & Less arguments

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I just wanted to vent and I apologize for being a bad person.   My SS went to Florida with his grandmother to visit my sister in law and family for a couple weeks,but.....I just found out today that he's staying for the whole summer!!!  It's nice for him because his cousin is the same age so they can do things together.  Plus it's much better then him being home and bored and getting into trouble.  We even got to go on vacation last weekend just myself, my husband and our son.  It was so nice not to have any issues with my SS.  I hope that he will come back less disrespectful and sneaky, but it's doubtful.   

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Sounds like you got good news for the summer.  Bless your sister-in-law.   Some of the other stepmoms are going to be jealous.  Lol.

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Nice! One of my SILs is obsessed with settling some imagined unfairness with SD13, because of this she gets her out of our hair to do special things sometimes too. On one hand it sucks because she interferes with custody, on the other hand I don't have to deal with my SIL or SD! 


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Lady you just won the lottery.

Enjoy the skid free summer. Dont even let your mind go to when SS comes back. Live in the moment.

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Happy summer for you!!!

You aren't a bad person! You are a tired SM, and that's ok!

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So sad that SS is coming back from his aunt's in Florida tomorrow.  Ofcourse it wasn't exactly for the whole summer!  I know I should be happy that it lasted as long as it did.  It's going to be even extra awkward because he cried to my sister in law that he didn't want to live with me because I'm too hard on him!  He told her that he wants to live with her or his bio mom.  I wish!  Also my DH wants me not to be hard on him & to be affectionate...not gonna happen!  He's worried about losing the custody hearing in October & I believe he'll blame me if it actually happens!  Ugh sorry for repeating myself in some forums.  I am dreading coming home from work tomorrow!