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Feeling stressed out

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Is it normal to feel stressed out when step kids are coming over? Is this a sign we moved in together too soon? If I don't feel like I have any private space in this house is there a solution other than moving out? It's just so violating to not have any privacy.

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WOW that is a GREAT list!! I am copying it and saving on my computer! Are you still with your husband or do you just put up with it still???

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:O I wish I saw that email before I got married.....tick you ALL points! its so sad but having skids, even good ones. strains your relationship from all its life! Honestly if its not BM, its DH if its not them then the skids are playing up. not once have I ever had a drama free weekend, and when they are not there, there is always some bullshit about what we havent done, what BM hasnt done, what the kids are doing! ergh I chose not to have kids until I was married and ready...but now stuck with 2 fuck wits kids in my house.
Oh even if you do say I want time to myself, go into your room. I cant hear the TV from all the noise, or the skids want to cme and be with me(cute upto a point!) and top it of 9 out of 10 times DH will then be annoyed with me coz I left him to 'entertain the kids alone'. WTF!!!!!!! I slowly feel like my love for DH is not how it was purely because of this Sad

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We have SD every Fri-Sun. On Sat mornings, DS11 hangs out in the living room watching cartoons. DH and I tend to hide out in our room to avoid watching cartoons! About an hour after we wake SD comes into our room "to give daddy a hug"...and never leaves! She squishes into our bed until either DH or I get frustrated that one of us leaves. DH never says anything like "okay, it's now time for you to go to the living room and watch cartoons." We got her a bean bag chair for Christmas and I have asked her to lounge on that if she insists on being in our room. I don't allow her to watch cartoons in our room, but we have to make sure what we watch is kid friendly. On weekends, I can't even dress in my bedroom because SD is ALWAYS there. When we move, the kids' bedrooms and living areas will be downstairs. The master suite is the only thing upstairs....and I really want to make upstairs off limits! DH got a job promotion, from working nights to days, and we'll add having SD one evening a week. With homework, dinner and bath (she currently bathes on Wed and Fri, Sat, Sun), there won't be much time left before getting her home to bed. I'm not sure I could deal with anything more than that.