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DD broke her wrist at Dad's. Vent!

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My kids are with their dad and the new GF this summer. Friday I get a call from DD1. She is distraught. The first thing of her mouth is "DD2 fell out of a tree." Of course, in the 5 second pause, my mind went nuts. Well, DD2 fell out of a tree and broke her wrist. Dad was having DD1 call me because he needed current insurance info. No problem, right? WRONG. He was waiting to take her to the hospital until he had the insurance info. Instead of just taking her right away because he didn't want to be stuck responsible for the hospital bill!

So, I wait to hear back and finally get the news that she has a broken wrist and they have temp casted it. She is doped up on morphine because they had to manipulate it back into place. The next morning I finally get to talk to her. DD2 tells me that since the new GF is a vet tech, she put some kind of temporary cast on her before they even took her to the hospital! WTH! Seriously? She could have caused more damage!

She is flying home today so I can make sure she gets proper treatment. Dad does not want to be responsible for anymore of her medical costs, even though he is responsible for half (we know we will never see any of it). I am just blown away at their lack of common sense.

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FFS! I am a vet tech and I would never EVER try to set my kid, skid, or any other person's broken anything. WTF are they thinking. I would document this incident and see what a lawyer says. That is one of the most irresponsible things I have ever heard of. I don't know if the GF actually went to school or not but either way she was not taught to set broken bones on animals or humans. I would be livid and I would not want that imbecile around my kid ever again.

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Maybe she simply immobilized the arm so it wouldn't move and hurt DD more while they were traveling. Wouldn't simple first aid be to immobilize the broken bone so it can't move around and do more damage?

I'm sorry this happened to your child. And glad it wasn't a worse injury.

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Finally got DD home and I got the whole story. GF did indeed attempt to put a temporary cast on the wrist prior to going to the hospital. I got the hospital notes and the wrist is fractured in three places. It is a bad break.

DD gets home and settled in and sees a basket of apples on the counter. She was thrilled. Apparently, at her dad's house they had absolutely no fruit for the six weeks she was there. No fruit. No fresh vegetables. No yogurt. They ran out of milk days ago and wouldn't buy any more.

I wish I could just get my other dd home right now.