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Constant calls

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My stepsons mother calls about 5 times in one weekend and also txts my husband constantly, he's a great dad and the contact is unnecessary as the child is fine without her for 2 days so why the increase in her calls and txts repeating the same conversations? This is the child that is not my husbands biological son but he doesn't want to face a DNA test because he's afraid his doubts are the truth, a reality he's not ready to deal with....any feedback on why she's calling and txting ridiculous amounts when he's only with us every other weekend?

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She's doing it because dad is allowing it. If he starts ignoring her calls and texts, in time she will stop.

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I wish she would grow up and let my husband enjoy his son, she calls steady like he's incompetent an he puts up with it to keep peace... I have 3 teenage children and never do I call my ex husband when they visit, they call me if they need to talk to me, I leave it up to them. Wish he would grow some balls sometimes, I've left my past behind me and let my ex parent when he has his time with the kids.

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This is a cut and paste from my reply in another thread just a few minutes ago:

BM doesn't text much, but she used to call 10-20 times a day. I am not exaggerating. We didn't usually answer, but she would seriously call over and over and over. I counted 17 times once. I would get so angry at SO. He was like "what? I'm not answering!". Doesn't matter- it's jarring to have the phone ring constantly. Or I might be trying to have a conversation and call waiting would beep in so much I couldn't continue the conversation. Sometimes we weren't even home, but I could see on caller ID she did it. But it kept happening because HE LET IT HAPPEN.

Eventually I changed the house phone number and she didn't have it. It took several months, and I don't know how, but eventually she got the number. This time, though, each and every time she called, SO told her not to call the house number. She was only to call his cell phone, which must have been too boring for her or something, because the calls eventually tapered off. I still think she calls almost every day, but I don't know and that's probably for the best.

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BM calls my house 5-7 times a day, easy... and SD 13 calls her just as much. The conversation revolves around what everyone is doing (including me), what our family plans are, even what is for dinner. It drives me crazy and nothing seems to help make it stop or even slow down!

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Mama_ posted that they had the house number changed. Yeah, tried that, SD gives her the number and will act like it is a friend when BM calls because she knows the rule is to call DH's cell.