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Cause I'm not dealing with her crap !!!

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Thursday night OBS has a dinner at school to present his jersey number and spot on the team. It's a pretty big deal I found out freshman year when I showed up in jeans and a Tshirt. I was horribly under dressed.
Last year DH went with me and we had a good time.
OBS loves it, he gets to be the center of attention for three hours with out any interruptions from younger sibs. I socialize with the booster club ladies and the coaches which he also enjoys because I always get roped into volunteering.
This year it's on a Thursday. Member what that means??? Yup, dPPP will be with DH. And of course what do you think he wants to do? Yup, bring her along.
We did get an arguement about it. He said I'm being mean by not letting her come along and I really need to stop holding a grudge against a 6 year old. Well, your 6 year old shouldn't have given me a grudge to hold.
But, it actually has nothing to do with any grudges, I just know how she is. I know what will happen. So does OBS who asked that we not bring her either.
She will have a problem with what ever is being served then cry..loudly.
If I or DH am speaking to any one she will interrupt with having to pee or being bored or she's thirsty or what ever else she can think of to get DH's attention off the conversation with an adult and focus it back on her. When they call OBS name and he is taking pictures and attention is on him, she will get up and begin twirling around infront of everyone so that attention is taken away from him and put on to her. If she is told to sit and be quiet she will slide out of chair while screaming bloody murder then start kicking her feet and rolling around. Will DH say enough, pick her up and take her out of there? Of course not...after all she is just a baby and people understand. After all that when every one is trying to congratulate their son, take photos and enjoy the desert she will piss all over herself then cry again because she only pissed on herself because every one there made her so nervous and was so mean to her.
That would be my sons night if she goes along with us.
Not once did I say to DH that he has to choose going with us over seeing his darling Princess. I did however say if he was going to go then he needed to realize that she wouldn't be going. His youngest sibs do not go, and they never have. It's always been just about OBS, it is his night. I have three kids that need individual attention, I do not need to cater to dPPP need for it always to be on her. Although I am tempted to take BS9 to her ballet performance if she has one, and I will tell him..go on, do your break dancing. Lets see how she likes the spotlight being yanked away.

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Uh, I don't think a six year old gave you a grudge to hold either...I think a grown ass man did by not parenting his kid.

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Maybe you SHOULD let her go. But first, write down how she is going to act and put it in a sealed envelope. Make note of how she really DOES act. Then hand your DH the envelope.

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Your son deserves a special night. It stinks you're in such a tough position.

I would under no terms bring her if she's really going to behave the way you mentioned. Not even to prove a point.

Also, your husband should be parenting her-- her behavior sounds appalling!

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Way to go mom. My parents made sure that each of their son's got to be the age they were at any given time and not have that experience interfered with by the other sons. My parents let me know that as the eldest I had my chance to be the ages my younger brothers were and I would not be allowed to interfere with their turn at that age just as they would not be able to interfere with me being the age I was. They would have their shot at their turn when they reached the age I was at. Kind of convoluted but I hope I communicated the concept my parents uses adequately.

Stick to your guns. Your OBS should have his night without the toxic Step Spawn. If daddy can't keep his spawn under control and parent her effectively then she misses opportunities. Regardless she should not be allowed to interfere in OBSs chance to be the age he is.

Good luck.