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BM told dentist she was MY SON'S MOTHER!

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A while back I posted about confusion with the dental office about SS and my bios. Anyway, since then I've decided to take my kids elsewhere even though this was my bios dentist first. Last week BM tells DH personal, confidential info ab my kids that she got from the dental office. I sent them a vicious e-mail about releasing MY info to her. They just called and apologized saying that BM said she was mother. They said we could continue at the practice. NO WAY IN HELL do I want to be anywhere near her when she has the nerve to claim MY son just bc HER SON has the same last name! WTF! My name is on the paperwork. The same name as my son. She doesn't have our last name (thank god)...why would they give her info? Why would she pretend to me my son's mother?!?! I told DH he better make it perfectly clear to this chic that she is in NO WAY related to my son. He is none of her business and there isn't even reason for her to speak his name. And to taint his name by claiming she is mother?!?! WHAT A BITCH!

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Oh no she didn't! I think this would make my skin boil! It makes my skin boil for you! I would be so mad as to file a HIPAA violation claim against her AND the dentist's office (and yes, you can file a complaint against an individual). There is no excuse for her behavior and no excuse for the dentist's office and their negligence! That's just disgusting!

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You can sue her for HIPAA violation. I would do it it, too-she will just try crap again unless you put her firmly in her place.

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File the complaint against the office. This HIPAA laws are very strict. I would do it in a heartbeat. When people don't stand up for themselves this stuff happens. Make the office think about it the next time something like this happens. Maybe they will be more careful.

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This. The office should be doing something about someone calling and getting info they have no rights to.

I wondered whatever came of this.

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I'm soooo angry! I told DH he better make it perfectly clear that OUR son is NONE of her business. That she doesn't even need to speak his name for any reason. My daughter went to that practice for 6 years...she's been there 6 months and already ruined it for us. I guess I've learned my lesson. I will never again let her know where either of my bios go to the Dr. or anything. Atleast I live with SS 50% of the time, I know everything there is to know about him but he is my responsibility also. MY SON has nothing to do with her. He doesn't see her, go to her house, etc. There is NO relationship there and there never will be

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Definitely a HIPAA violation! You should follow advice of the others here and file a complaint against the dentist and her! She won't bother you after that!

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I am so mad for mad for you! I can't imagine doing that to anyone just so sick! What is up with them giving it to her or believing her. I mean after 6 years with YOU being the one to take them in and YOU being the only one having your name on everything that they would just believe a woman that walks in and says I'm the mother???? Crazy! I would chew on them then her and I wouldn't give my dh the chance to take care of it I would do it myself!

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I really don't know. The lady I spoke with was clearly trying to save her own ass by saying they "accidently" put the boys on the same account and since they have the same father, they just assumed...BUT they gave her information about my DD who doesn't have the same last name as the boys too so it wasn't just information on HER account by accident. DH says I'm overreacting which means he isn't going to say anything to Queen BM! I will never again take my kids anywhere that I know she goes nor will I volunteer the name of any place I take my bios. I hope that she doesn't move again bc although we are in the same school district, our kids go to different elementary schools. The boys are spaced out enough that even though the middle and high schools are the same, they won't be there at the same time. So if she can manage to not move (she has moved 4 times in SS's 4 years of life) until after SS gets thru elementary, then we should be in the clear.

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Sounds like a complaint will launch an investigation to find out what really happened then.

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Do this and I have done this, use your dh's phone to text her that this is unacceptable and chew her for what she did. IF she continues to be a pain let her know that you will be filing charges against her.

I did this to bubble butt when she took it upon herself to make comments all the time about how much she thinks my dd doesn't look like me and her life. How I wasn't doing my job and stuff. I told her under dh's name that she crossed the line and if she ever says anything about his skids again that there would be charges filed. She hasn't said a word to us since.

IF she thinks your dh sent it then she might just back off and get the hint. Make very clear that she crossed the line and the consequences.

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WTF?! I'd be fuming! Espesh if your name is already on all the paper work then they would KNOW that she is NOT his mother. She sounds crazy and I would def file a complaint over the practice.