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BM is such a lazy SKANK!!!

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So apparently, Skank has broke her car...a wheel fell of whilst she was driving.....she abandoned her car, coppers got hold of her and now she has to visit a judge (according to SD6)......

Now, we oursleves have had our car in for repair for the last week, turbo blew on it....and im not sure about other counties, but the UK is VERY expensive when it comes to car parts....

So, for the last 4 weeks, each time we have picked SD6 up she mentions her school trip, literally as soon as we get her.....trip cost £10.50, which is really cheap (my daughter paid £18.50 for the same trip a few weeks ago) BM calls OH last night.....

Skank "erm, you know how my car is broke, well SD6 has a trip and £5.00 has to be paid by Friday"

OH "Yeah, and whats your point?"

Skank " well, my car is can you pay it?"

OH "do what!!?? I pay you maintenance every week plus you get benefits for her and you cant afford a fiver for SD6's school trip!!!???"

Skank; "Ive got to get the car repaired and you dont have that issue!"

OH " No, I dont anymore, cos Ive just had to pay £932.00 quid to get mine repaired!!! Pay the fiver, ill give it to you on Friday"

Un F*****G Believable!!!!!! Was OH's response.....yeah OH, you mean you didnt expect that!!??

So now, BM is busy thinking "hold on, he has £932 quid for a car...get in....i might try and bleed poverty to get more out of him"...Silly thick b***h doesn't realise that I am the main money earner, and in the UK, she cant claim from me!!!