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BM doing 8th graders homework..

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DH and SS were talking and SS said he finished his essay but has to email his mom his essay before sending it so she can edit it and write more if needed. We were like ????? What do you think?? Acceptable or enabling??? He's going to be in HS next year. 

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We don't know what to do with these kids. She raises them so different then we are trying but she had them more. It's so hard.

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write more if needed

 Punctuation, spelling, and grammar edits suggested by parent and done by child acceptable since it is done at home. Parent writing more, never acceptable.

Lots of parents seem to think that done at home means completed by parent. The one they are hurting is their own child who never learns the skill. 

On the bright side, BM didn't do the whole thing. She let him do the first draft.

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He sends it to her. She edits as she sees fit and sends it back to him to turn in with her edits. 

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When kid has to do it in the classroom and it's total different. .?? Suprise. surprise 

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There's nothing wrong with BM proofreading/editing, IMO, unless the teacher has said otherwise.  When I was in school,  teachers encouraged us to have others read and edit our work, and said that parents often can give the best "peer edit."  Part of editing is suggesting that more might be necessary.  Rewriting it for him (as opposed to giving suggestions and pointing out things that are incorrect or could be done better) isn't right, and writing more for him is just wrong.  Kids are supposed to learn from an edit and they won't learn if a parent is just rewriting/ writing for them.  BM isn't doing the SS any favors. 


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Time for the teachers to learn the facts so they can ride this kid's ass to do his own damn work.  I would throw both BM and the SKid under the bus with the school.



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Is there a way to let the teacher know this has been going on? Sometimes getting caught is the only way to learn. This is a hard one. Id also consider having a talk with the kid about this being inappropriate. Unfortunately it's probably pointless to try to discuss this with bio parent... It's sad that they are helping them essentially, cheating on schoolwork.