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Backlash of backing off the skid!!

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Please read my other post about putting the metaphorical wheelbarrow down!!!!!

Well folks! He has had less than a week of full time pushing her about with all of her shite and guess what? They have decided that I am the bad guy and they are siding together!!!!
She was whimpering in her room telling him how awful I was for this and that and he was feeling sorry for her as the she was crying. I was in the next room getting our little boy to sleep.
I walked in told them both what I thought of them, their sad lies and flung them the whole lorry load of truths.
I have sat and told him the lot!
He is at a loss and sorry I am so bitter ROFLMAO!!!!
I cooked a meal and he has gone to bed without eating it!

I have 2 rules, my home is my business and the brat will do as she is told.
Take the piss out of my family, she gets told!

She pretended that my step father hadn't put £50 in her card last year! He was kind enough to do the same this year!
I won't let her have the money until she tells the truth about hiding the money last year!!!
So her dad has gone to bed, without eating as I had a go at her!
I feel so pissed off, he must think its okay to let the little brat keep taking from people!

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He he! Well his dinner is ready for tomorrow at least!!!
I might paint my nails now whilst he warms it up in the microwave, or brat can do it for him..... How wonderfully bonding Smile

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Facts are very nice little things aren't they? Stick with the facts, keep them front and center and in the faces of your SO and his spawn. Either they will recognize them or eventually they will be gone. Either way, a positive outcome IMHO.