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Apparently I don’t value education. Lol

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We got HCBM's deposition transcripts. Omg it's even worse than I remember. So, I took my kids out of school for a few days to take a trip (traveling is a huge part of our lives! We love love love to travel) 

They asked her what her concerns are about me in the boys lives. She said they told her that my kids and I went on a trip and she can't imagine a parent doing that during school so to her it seems as though I do not value education the way she does and she's scared that will influence her kids to not be educated. 

I literally can't even believe her. She's not even embarrassed!!! Hahahahaha!!! 

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Im just happy to see that you are no longer terrified by this .... ummm ... woman and that you can see her for what she really is. I was so worried about you when you started posting here. You have come a very long way. Keep up the good work!

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Awww thank you for saying that. A great therapist will do wonders for a person! Plus, I have to take a step back and repeat what she states and I realized it sounds so outlandishly ridiculous I almost feel bad for how pathetic she is. Lol!!! 

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Um...traveling is educational in a variety of ways. I guess she hasn't heard of field trips.

Can she not afford to go on a trip, lol?

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She is soooo jealous and threatened by you. Did she even say anything about your husband's parenting, or was it all about what a danger you are to the kids?

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Oh yeah she did. But she contradicted herself the whole time "dad was never involved" "dad was very involved until he got involved with his wife" "dad never put his kids first" "dad always put his kids first but then his wife got in the picture and he made her and her kids his priority and that's very hurtful to me...oh and hurtful to my kids too" 


it was nonstop contradictions. Hilarious!!! The best part is it was a zoom meeting so we see her attorney looking at her like "stop talking!" He was rolling his eyes, putting his head in his hands, trying to take breaks like every 30 minutes because she kept admitting to contempts without even knowing it. It was marvelous!! She's so narcissist she probably walked out of there like "nailed it!!" 

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They were in a room together. My husband and his attorney were on zoom with them. It was hilarious! 

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Told me something this week when I was stressing over the custody trial.  She said, "Just sit back and relax, and laugh knowing the fact that you guys living your lives is driving her f@&#ing insane!"  
sounds like the case in your situation as well.  Everyone knows you're a great mom!!!!

BM is contradictory in my case; story after story after story!!!

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50 page deposition I was mentioned in 26 pages!!!!


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Yeah. I for sure was mentioned AT LEAST that! Ugh! Pathetic! 

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No lives!  It is soooo pathetic!!

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Toxic evil batshit crazy people have the strength of their delusions.

Don't  back off.  Keep at her throat and put her down.  Protect yourself, your marriage, your family.

SpermGrandHag never gave a shit about SS's education.  She willfully would try to send him home late which would have caused SS to miss school.  We never tolerated it.  We had SS collected by either the Sheriff or  police when she pulled that crap. My FIL was with law enforcement when the cruiser would pull up in front of SpermGrandHag's home, office, church, restaurants, family reunions, etc... to collect SS so my FIL could get him on his flight home.  

She knew she was violating the CO... but it is her idiot son who was a party to the CO though he rarely saw my SS.  She payed the scorned idiot GM very well.  But not well enough.  We destroyed her/them  financially, socially, etc....

Eventually even she reached the point where she crawled under the slime covered rock at the bottom of that shallow and polluted gene pool.  Now she lives constantly with the knowing the woman she demonized raised a man. A man of  honor, success and standing while she raised a serial statutory rapist, a very disturbed granddaughter, an incarcerated convict grandson and another grandson who is marching down the path to prison himself.

She knocked my knees out from under me when she congratulated my SS when she learned that  he asked me to adopt him and the adoption was finalized them expressed to him that she was happy that he had a good man to be his example and father.


Just because they may be batshit crazy does not aquit them of their evil bullshit.

IMHO of course.

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They say that travel broadens the mind... She sounds as if she's never even been on a day trip. 

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As long as the kids haven't already lost a lot of time for other reasons and they are doing well in all their classes... absolutely no reason why occasional missing school days is some red flag that someone doesn't care about education.  Shoot, my husband took his girls out of school a week early for winter break some years ago when a really bad flu was running through everywhere.  They were both honor roll kids... and the last week of school was not really covering much anyway.

As long it isn't like my DH's ex who would keep one of the girls home when SHE wanted company.. no real reason.. just lonely?  

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I took my kids to Quebec during the school year for a week long trip. We hiked, and stayed at an amazing cottage where you could see whales swim up to the shore line from the cottage. It was so amazing and we all had a great time. My ex was also of the opinion that the kids shouldn't miss school to go on a trip. Well we did go, we had an amazing time and I'm sure they learned more in the trip then they would have at school. Besides that my girls are in French immersion and they were immersed on French culture the whole time and even got to practice their French!