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3 weeks without them was bliss!

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OH's ex got married and that meant that whilst she was away on honeymoon the kids stayed with there grandparents and we wouldn't see them!

OH was upset for not seeing them for 3 weeks but inside i was delighted - i thought fantastic 3 sundays of not seeing them, 3 sundays of just me and him and out 8 week old baby!

I have enjoyed every weekend so much more, being at home with the baby is tough but i do enjoy it but OH is out of the house from 7.30-6.30 so its a long day and i look forward to the weekends when OH is around to help and we can do things as a family!

We have got up and lounged about and gone to visit my parents and i have loved it, the best weekends for a long time,BUT this weekend the kids are due to come again and i feel miserable!

When they are here there is an atmosphere and i feel i can't relax in my own home i know this is selfish but i just want it to be me, OH and our baby and we visit my family etc etc..... I can't love these kids, i just can't, i have tried but i just feel they are not my family and i just find them a nuisance more than anything!

I feel terrible for even writing this but i don't know what to do, OH feels bad because he says he doesn't want me to be unhappy and it is his kids that are causing me to feel this way but i also know he does need to see them!

Its so differcult, and although i knew he had kids obviously i didn't realise it was going to be so so hard!!!!