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Leave your partner ?

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Would you leave your partner because of their child from their previously failed marriage even though everything between you both is’s just everything that comes with it..

Has anyone left their loved one?

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Following...My husband has 18(stb 19) y old daughter...I've met her when she was 5...This whole time husband rarely parented her but instead just let her do her thing in fear of upseting and losing her...I am seriously considering leaving...I love him..but Lack of boundaries is frustrating and upsetting (...specificcaly....letting her smoke weed in our home and letting ohr 7 and 5y old kids hang out in her room thats full of Bongs...alcohol bottles etc and is just Not a healthy environment for kids...also not telling her to start looking for a JOB...i stean playing video games all day long)

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That the only reason we could break up is his boy with another lady. Other than that our family and life in general is just perfect. 

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If the child is causing me my peace, happiness and sanity..............


No one is worth losing myself for.....No one!

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If you decide to leave, you wouldn't be leaving because of the child. The issues relating to the child are the bio parent's fault. If your spouse is allowing his brat to act in ways that negatively impact you and your marriage, then everything isn't great. It might be that everything else is great, but that one issue, your spouse's enabling of his kid's bratty, disrespectful behaviour, is not great.

I almost left my DH more than once due to his enabling my SKs. I had SS28 toking up in my house that I lived in with a young DD19 (also DH's DD), I had a mini-wife on steroids who shunned me in my own home for over 7 years, and the list goes on and on. My DH is very conflict-avoidant when it comes to his brats. He's a wonderful man in every other aspect, but the one issue that I needed fixing the most was the one thing DH was not prepared to give me: keeping his ferals in check.

If you are considering leaving, do not feel guilty. It wouldn't be on the kid. It really is on your spouse.

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if skids behaviour, disrespect and attitude are issues. You know things like mini-wife syndrome, disrespect, shunning, abuse, no respect of boundaries or privacy etc and just basic civility. 

Because once skids continue with this behaviour and their parent doesn’t nip it in the butt, things between the couple cannot be good because your partner isn’t addressing these issues

when there are issues with skids, there are even more issues with their parents for allowing that shitty behaviour to continue

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There shouldn't be any problems with the child if the relationship was perfect. I would need examples of why the child is a problem?

My skids and BM are a huge huge huge headache for me....and I often don't know how I can continue living my life this way...b/c it is not living...I am merely surviving barely....but at the end of the day...the fact that BM and skids cause any issues is b/c of my DH....if he would put an end to the BS...we would have ZERO issues with skids or BM. But he can't and he won't.

So make sure your blame isn't on the wrong person....b/c I once blamed skids and BM...but it is 100 percent on my DH.