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YSD's Upcoming Visit

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YSD just let DH & I know that she's planinng a trip home beginning end of June

That it'll probably just be her and sgkids

I am sooooo dreading it!

Days of having to put up with her nonsense, games, and I'm sure she's raising, coaching and prepping sgkids to be useful to her in this 

I plan to be busy a lot and leave her and her family to DH

...he can cook, clean, spend lots of money on dinners and entertainout out, cater to and generally be exhausted from unappreciative selfish people who feel nothing is ever good enough anyway!

I'm just so done with it!!


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Why dont you plan a vacation at the same time.? Go solo, with a friend, heck ANYBODY just to get out of dodge.

Dang I wish you luck lady. Som skids suck the joy out of life.

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Tell me they're staying in a hotel or airbnb. Regardless, no need for you to be readily available to that nonsense. You'll be too busy doing enjoyable things solo or with non toxic people!