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YEAH! DD and Son-In-Law are Coming in Tonight and DD and I are going house hunting tomorrow!

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And I just can't wait.

SIL is going to help DH seal the deck while we are gone. That is great because, frankly friends, since DH had that knee surgery, he is not what he use to be. Getting that old age stoop and, well, that is what age does.

Also found out what Twit wanted when she called a few weeks back. DH ran into her at an auction last Friday. I didn't go, but DH was interested in something. Seems we all were right....she wanted something which is why when we didn't pick up (we were there and heard her) she just said, disappointedly she would have to find someone else, call someone else.

Yep, she needed someone to drive the Drunkie to work 'cause she was too busy at the fair (pushing pots and pans) to go and do it. Seems she ended up calling her hubby who had to leave work early to collect his Drunkie and drive him to work. Hey, Not Our Problem. Anyway, Drunkie got peeved about something and moved in with one of his friends. Yet, (get this) she still drives to the friends house and drives the Drunkie to work. Gonna be interesting as the Drunkie court date has finally been set for September. Twit thinks he is gonna get off with time served and a misdemeanor of reckless driving. Umm, this state is tough on DUI's. He was drunk, open bottle of booze, ran of the road, and sitting in the driver's seat of the car with the car still running. That's all folks....$10,000 fine plus license suspension and court just watch. Twit believes the court is going to let him off because - get this - at 7:10 a.m. Drunkie claims he ran off the road, and since it was cold, he just started drinking and had the heat on to keep warm. He was 2 times over the legal limit.

Call me evil, but I can't wait until the court system puts the controlling Twit in her place on this.

Well, wish me luck. I've got several places lined up and I am certain the agent has a lot more.

Oh, DD is thrilled because she just loves the area I want to move to. Says that we can expect her, her hubby and the GK's down whenever they can. She has a way to go, but she and her hubby also would like to retire down there.

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Good luck, SDM. This latest 'want' from Twit just proves that it will never end until you are out of the area. I tend to shy away from people who treat you like they underestimate your intelligence, but when they want a favor, try to manipulate rather than just ask and be up front with you. SD used to do this, be sickly patronizing until she got what she wanted, then go back the the old ways.

And speaking of underestimating someone's intelligence, I'll bet the judge is smart enough to figure out what she has been trying to do with delaying the DUI. She may have not done Drunkie and favors in the end.

Please let us know if you find a future home.

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Sandye says: "And speaking of underestimating someone's intelligence, I'll bet the judge is smart enough to figure out what she has been trying to do with delaying the DUI. She may have not done Drunkie and favors in the end."

Umm, that is why the court date is set. They already had to explain to the court once why things were being delayed.

Yeah, Drunkie was at the store buying the booze in the a.m. as soon as the store was able to sell it (7 a.m.) I made a mistake about the time he was was 7:28 according to the police report. And, he was twice the legal limit by that time!!! Twit even bragged to DH months ago that Drunkie told his brother he started drinking in the store parking lot.

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Good luck on the house hunting. DH and I looked for months and months. Of course we had no urgency to move - just wanted more room and a garage. Living in 900 sq ft with ONE closet and zero storage just became too much.

We made a couple of offers that didn't go thru. But in the end we found the perfect house. It's not too big - so many of the newer homes are just enormous) and we ended up spending a LOT less money than we originally planned to. And it's all one level with a walk in shower - so will work if one of us develops mobility problems.

Now if I can just get these zillions of boxes unpacked.

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Hi notasm3 - I want to move, but I don't want to be stupid about it and make a mistake. A house is a BIG investment. Might not find it this time, but I will. And I will know it when I see it.

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Well, the house I wanted to see, that we could get into were okay; but the ones the real estate agent (and he is a buyer's agent for me) picked out and showed me were GARBAGE. Going to be changing agents today.

Have been through this before where, when you move to a new area, they want to show you all the overpriced stuff and the garbage. Last house I bought the first agent showed us some real bad homes in the hope that we would use them as a guide to what were overpriced homes.

Changed agents, and found my house basically on the internet. Agent showed us a few more homes and comparables (watch out on the comparables because they have a way of doing that so it skews the actual value). Then we found the house with what we wanted in a week and, because the market was bad and I was a cash sale, got a real good price on it.

DD and I have 5 more days down here and I certainly am not going to waste them on someone who isn't showing me what I want.

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I always keep in mind that just because the agent is a "buyers agent" he also has his own interest at heart because they don't make anything unless I buy. Been down this path too many times in my life not to know how to make a deal.

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Been there, SDM. Have to watch out for the 'bate and switch' too, where they\real estate agent originally gives you a high price for the sale of your home, then when there are no takers and your house looks like it is a dud because it won't sell, they want to lower the price REAL low. Hope all goes well with both the sale and the purchase.

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So far, no luck in houses. Did make an offer on one but the seller didn't want to negotiate so that was that. DD and I are considering extending our stay another day or two.

Have a much better agent now, one that I actually met in person (and made my assessment of) insead of just over internet.

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Thanks skeeter. At least I know I am doing something to solve the problem. Must say that I have been back one day and the old anxiety of not knowing when Twit is going to act up again is back.

DD text me that DH talked to her hubby about things while we were gone. She is going to fill me in later. I guess her hubby said that Twit is a real piece of work as after a few days she started calling and leaving messages on the answering machine about who's care was here and wanting him to call her back. DD said her husband got the impression Twit keeps a real good eye on us whether we know it or not.

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Hi Skeet - Yes, it is scary when the have to keep an eye on you. As I have said, my Twit proclaimed that she wanted nothing to do with me, which is find by me. But then she would go crying to DH that I ignored her or some such thing. Heck, she, herself proclaimed she wants nothing to do with me but she expects me to acknowledge she exists? I told DH that I have nothing to say to her and she told him she wants nothing to do with me so get off my back about it. Ya can't have it both ways, Twit, and I like the leaving Twit alone part real well. As I say, she is not wired right, she is ALWAYS the victim. Everyone does things to her that cause her to act badly towards them and they owe HER an apology for that. Funny thing though, all those terrible things that Twit claims others have done to her are never witnessed by any one....basically they are from her imagination as an excuse when she gets caught.

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I had a wonderful agent that I would trust with my life - but I still found the house myself on the internet. My whole family has used our realtor for about 20 years. Not only does he really know the market place and neighborhoods, but his father was contractor so he's great with doing a walkthrough inspection at first glance. (We had a professional inspection before closing.)

We'd go to a property, he'd unlock the door for us to go in, and then he's start inspecting the outside. I can't tell you how many times he'd say "you don't want this house." He never tried to pressure us. He always wanted us to offer low.

But as we were open to a large geographic area it was easier to look on to pre-screen houses. My realtor sent us lists of potentials - but I would also go through almost every new listing and decide what we could compromise on or not. I'd give him a list of 6 or 7 potentials in an area and we'd go check them out.

My agent and his wife were thinking about moving also. When we found our dream house he kept saying "Oh my wife would love this." They ended up buying a couple of months later - something bigger than what we bought but our agent still keeps saying that he loves our location (we're on a small lake) and beautiful backyard.

It's so nice not to be pressured to find something right away. I was transferred many times while working and would have to make a decision on a property in a day or two. I made so many mistakes.