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In what world does SD think this will happen?!

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So SD went to Ireland with BM and BM's boyfriend for 2 weeks. They returned about 2 weeks ago. SD told us back in July when we saw her that upon her return she was going to start at an esthetician school since all she does now is work for $10/hr at a convenience store and has no future besides playing video games and getting high. Her 22nd b-day was last weekend. She apparently got some kind of hand held gamer thing from BM and posted on Facebook to BM and BM's boyfriend "I love you guys the mostest ever. You guys are my favorite people". Why does it not surprise me that she loves them SO much because they gave her an expensive electronic gift?? Guarantee you that will be lost or broken or stolen wihtin a month's time seeing as she's always telling H that their friends are either stealing or breaking their stuff. Hell, she told H that someone stole their X-Box so what does H do? Gives her $400 to go to the store and get a new one! I could have screamed. Can't help pay his share of anything but has $400 to give SD to get a new X-Box!

Then the following day H calls her. I only came in on the last part of the conversation and didn't hear much. H tells me later that SD was complaining about her BF who is so lazy. I had to stifle a laugh because THAT's rich coming from SD who is doing nothing with her life!  Then SD says to H "Yeah after I finish my schooling then I'll probably have to pay for his schooling." WHAT???!!! First off, are you even going to school? We've heard numerous times about all these things she's going to do and does none of them. Secondly, I am pretty sure that BM will pay a majority of it if you do go. Thirdly, so your $10 convenience store job is going to pay not only for your schooling but your 26 y/o bf's schooling and just general living expenses? And what on earth does he want to do? Seeing as how he can barely keep even a menial job I HIGHLY doubt school is in his future! And seeing as how you can't pay for much of anything as it is now, which is why you both had his brother, who also does mostly nothing, move in with you to help pay your all inclusive $800 rent, which is less than $300/month per person, I don't think that's what is going to happen.

I just don't understand where she comes up with these grandiose ideas! Add to that, she's complained more than once about her bf. They've been on and off several times over the past two years and now she says he's going to pay for his schooling?

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I have an SS19 that has crazy dreams and I swear is sometimes delusional. Going to be a pro gamer, going to go to BM's fairly competitive college (almost failed high school), now going to get a job way out of his league (no driver's license, never worked a day in his life).

I just figure he's lying to himself the most.  I don't let it upset me, as long as we aren't supporting him, who cares. (CS is done in 14 months). 

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OSD lives in her own world. 99% of what she says is pipe dream. DH and I just listen and say 'sounds nice', or hope it works out', or 'unhuh'. It's been the same for over 20 years. She believes whatever her husband tells her. It never works out the way he says it will.

YSD's husband has worked at countless jobs over the years. Each one is always the best one he has ever had. If they last more than six months we consider it long term. Once he had a job answering the phone at a call center for a mutual fund. He kept saying he knew so much that they were going to make him a broker. This from the guy who with only a high school education and no understanding of finances. Yes, he could answer the phone and tell you your current balance, and if you needed more he could transfer you to someone who could help. That does not a broker make. He lasted just under a year there.

Some people do not live in reality.


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Does she have some type of bi-polar disorder? Everything seems very polarized. She's working for $10 an hour, but she's going to school and will put her boyfriend through school when she's done?
How does she propose this is going to materialize, especially since she's a weed smokin' video gamer, and boyfriend appears to be a huge waste of fresh air and human flesh?

I don't think you have to worry about any of this coming to fruition.

She may be telling daaadeee she's going to school in an effort to condition his mind into thinking he will be contributing. (?) Not sure.

At any rate, this doesn't appear to be anything more than a pipe dream. I suspect they'll keep gaming and getting high. It's easier, and lazy people like easy.

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Oh dear, she sounds like a little girl playing at being a grown up. Never mind, she'll soon work out the reality of the lack of money for herself.

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Oh she has wanted to be an adult every since I've kown her when she was 8 years old! Well welcome to adulthood! Now she doesn't do anything becuse she's got too much anxiety. Well that's adulthood for you! Working and making money to pay for stuff!

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A very close friend of mine as a son in law who was one of these.  This guy is the DH of his  youngest daughter.  In the case of my friends SIL the kid finally extricated his head from his ass, lost his dilusions of grandeur and did the work to actually accomplish his pie in the sky goals.  He jumped into the grind of junior college since his HS GPA was crap and there was not not a snowballs chance in hell he was getting into engineering school. After he accumulated 60 semester hours with a solid GPA he got into a petroleum engineering program at a respectable state university and ultimately finished his BSPE and has a notable career.  

A key to guiding kids like this is the absolute dedication to the sentense "Show me, don't tell me." 

Lather, rinse, repeat.