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At what point do you stop?

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This is a real question that pertains to both me and my DH. One of his daughters has always had a very rejecting relationship with him. Yet he continues to hang in through it all.  Mercifully she lives thousands of miles away and he has not seen her in close to 3 years. I even offered to pay airfare for her and boyfriend but was turned down. That should tell you something?  The last time we saw her we had to drive her 3 hours somewhere. That was a doozy. She sat in the front passenger seat me driving DH in backseat. She put on sound canceling head phones for the WHOLE car ride. 
She now has a child that is 2 1/2. DH has never seen and not even on FaceTime much. He's always calling her maybe gets a response once month?

With me, one of my kids is also very rejecting. He does have spectrum issues is closer with my ex than me. I hate to say it but my ex takes him and his SO out to fancy dinners. We see him for holidays and that's it. I try calling.  He doesn't answer even if I text. He is sullen and miserable at the dinner table. I don't chase him. Maybe I should but life is too short. It was hard raising a child who gave nothing back.  Does that sound harsh?  He lived here until 19.  
DH is a better person than I am. 

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How long have they been rejecting?  Has it always been this way?

Depending on their ages and length of rejection, it could be a phase of young adulthood or it could be something else. 

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In my experience,  the more you chase after/bend over to accomodate someone, the more they'll repel your efforts. 

I would just sit back, relax and enjoy the peace.  I think that they will come around once they realize that your pursuit of their company has waned. 


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With SD23 Feral Forger. She just called me names and told me she hates me and go eff off. So I wished her well and blocked her forever.

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Balance your interface to their level of effort.

I suppose I am fortunte. I reach out, when I get nothing in response I generally can shrug it off and get on with my day.  Though it does build for me and it does end up hurting.

I do lock on like a pit bull and do not let them off of the hook though. They know they are being dicks and I remind them.  I play the long game but don't allow it to overly impact me beyond a short experience of irritation.

e.g Haven't heard from you for a while.  I hope all is well. pleasantry, pleasantry, pleasantry, Love.....