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We both laughed

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This weekend husband flew to stay with one of his daughters and see his 4 yr old granddaughter he has never seen. It's a long long story but I truly tried and finally stepped away from SD.  I have not seen her in over 4 yrs (only saw her 4 times in FIFTEEN years)and when they talk on the phone even in the car i dont utter a word. The stuff that she has done to her father as an adult many parent would have said adios. But it was this way with her ex since the day he met her. Chasing her.  She now lives close by to the daughter. Of course. Lol.  So DH was getting to fly out tonight and at the airport told me to make sure I knew when all the passwords and important documents were.  I smiled and said "Why?  Do you think your ex and daughter will finally try to kill you?  I would make sure you are not the first to eat the food served."  We both burst out laughing. Seriously I am enjoying the weekend.  DH says he will call me tomorrow and I was tempted to say don't. I dont need to have to hear the kid in the background or the flipping daughter's voice again.  Am I mean spirited?  Probably but I truly dont care.  It is true that the older we get the more intolerant we become. Proud of it. 

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Though I do think that his comment about you knowing where the important papers are and you commenting on his X and their daughter poisoning him, while funny, was not entirely in jest.

I hope he has a good trip and you enjoy your weekend.

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It feels good to be on my own for a few days. I recall when I first met him he felt somewhat unsafe at the end of his marriage. Ex was a very volatile coarse woman who puts on a great act. 
SDs now are superficial with me but also actors like their mother. I'm so relieved that I am not being an actor too. Imagine having to spend WE with SD and both of us pretending and trying to be civil?  But again we are strangers. Last time I saw her was over 4-5 yrs ago and we had to drive a distance of about 3 hrs. I swear she immediately put on noise canceling headphones the car ride sitting next to me. Some message right?  I got it. For sure. 
I suspect DH will make plans for more trips to visit. I will enjoy my time. I have always been more of an introvert. 

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That family is everything, and SD is trying her best to be a BIT*h .  There is no reason for this action.  I guest there are reasons ask SD.  

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Not mean spirited. The joke was funny....with a bit of "concern" on it happening.....and I'm glad you said it. 

I have not seen DHs kids in 5+ years, do not do anything with them. DH visits them away from our home and like you, I LOVE my down time. 

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That's great you and your DH have come to an agreement and he sees her without you.   You're not mean spirited at all.