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There She Blows ---- Twit Being THE Victim Yet Again

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Honestly, DH and I have been doing fine except for the intrusions of HIS Twit.

As was predicted by Sandye way back about this wedding invite thingy, Twit is all concerned now about what the BTB parents and family are going to think since neither of Twit's bio parents are going to be there.  In fact, the only family outside of Twit's other two loser "babies" is her DH's one sister.  Twit doesn't like his brothers and other sister so they didn't make the LIST either from what I understand.

Figures, she is soo concerned about her appearances rather than actual family values.  In her latest tiade (honestly I just don't know why DH let's that go on) she berated him for not caring about her, not wanting to be part of HER family.  NOTE - not a mention about the babies....just her.

When that tantrum got no where and no response or answer from DH, she called again a few days later with a new one.  Oh so sweet she was saying that DH should come for the wedding and they would all LOVE to see me as well.  Yeah, right.

Guess, and I don't know if I mentioned this before, but one of the times DH talked to her and she was giving all the excuses about why we had not been invited etc., she cried that the BTB and GTB were all upset because they didn't know what they did wrong.  DH told Twit to have the GTB call him if that was so, and DH would clear things up.  Needless to say, that never occurred.  It is all BS and, while I have my suspicions on what went on I really don't care.

I come here to let it out so it doesn't build up and bother me.  You guys and gals have all been a great help in this "journey".

When DH played the latest triade from Twit, the one stating that they would all LOVE to see me, I could not asking him if he really believed that.  DH just looked at me and said that as much as he would like to, he knew it was just BS, that Twit would say anything to get what she wants.  YEAH!!  I so loved to hear that.

Meanwhile, it is about 6 weeks to our Vegas trip and we are looking forward to getting together with DH's good daughter and her hubby.  The Good daughter told DH not to worry about Twit, that she knows that Twit only sent her an invitation because she wanted her to know that one of the losers (my word not her's) is finally getting married. 

Friends, keep in mind Twit isn't finished yet.  Do note how she moved herself to being the VICTIM.  DH is doing this to HER, not the carp they did to him.  Sigh, that is oh so common.

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your are the one standing up to her.  She did not want you. So you are not going, to playing her games.  She is a lost cause!!!  Nothing you or DH could do will matter. Save money and get ride of her.  You could be “nice” as long it doesn’t cost you money or time 

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Hi Harry - Twit is an ever ceasing amazement to me.  Now that I am far away from her and can view her antics without being in the fray of all the drama they are somewhat amusing.  I, in a very small way, can understand DH being concerned for her as everyone else in her immediate family just stays far, far away.  Heck, once her Mom was driving from Florida to Chicago to visit other family and refused to stop by and visit with Twit, which upset her emensely as we all heard about what a victim she was and WHY does EVERY ONE do these things to her.  This was waaay back before I knew what she was.  Now I totally  understand why they stay away.

And I agree, I see no need to spend time OR money on any of them.  Twit has trained them well to feel they need her and alway will.  As I said once about the GTB, he was in the Marines and they made a man out of him but once he got out, Twit did everything she could think of to undo it....take his packages to post office, gas up his car, go with him to find an apartment, furnish it for him, etc.  She keeps her "babies" dependent on her.

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She may be a 'victim' again for manipulation purposes, but you did the right thing by removing yourself from the emotional triangle that she wants to control - and we both know control, no matter the consequences, is Twit's main goal in life.

When you made arrangements to meet the Good SD in Las Vegas you had not yet received an invitation to the wedding.  The good SD had already received the invitation that was sent to her.  By the time you WERE invited, you had already agreed to meet the good SD.  You owe it to Good SD to keep this agreement.  Now Twit expects you to drop all of your plans - all so she can 'look' like a better person.  Too late - and too bad, but there always seems to be consequences when people play games at the expense of others.  It may take a bit of time in some instances, but eventually the Karma Bus arrives.  It has just appeared at Twit's front doorstep.

It's sad this has had such an affect on DH.  Keep reassuring him that he has done the right thing.  It is not anyone's responsibility to make Twit happy.  She will never be happy.

One more thing to think about:  Can you imagine how you would have been treated if you HAD gone to the wedding?  Considering the rude things Twit has done in the past during 'family' celebrations, I wouldn't trust her.

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OMG Sandy, you are so right.  I have no doubt that her evil mouth has spread lots of lies about me to every one she terrible I am, etc.  But I just don't care any more.  As I say, I find her interesting like an alien species from outer space.

As to  the invite - who knows what was going on there or the when and whys.  And who cares.  At  my age one thing I do not need is drama and aggrevation.  Nor does DH. 

To Twit her babies are there to shower attention on her and to give her reason to play the victim.  Sadly, IMHO she has ruined them all.

Drunkie is back living with her and, according to Twit's messages, oh such a trial...WHAT is she to do?  The young man is an alcholic, he has black out and once they even had to take him to the hospital because he was so out of it (major black out) and he was on some type of watch for a day or so.  Sorry, Twit's stories are so strange and the way she talks you really don't have a grip of what she is actually trying to say.  She claims that SHE has told Drunkie just how much he can drink if he stays with them. {There is that control again}  WHAT THE HECK!!!!  Drunkie is an alcoholic!  She just doesn't get it or doesn't want to.

This poor young man is being set up by his own Twitty Mother, and her husband to as he does nothing to stop her, to fail or possibly much, much worse.  And you can bet if the worst happens she will be on the victim wagon for years crying about all she did to try to help him etc.

Also, I don't know if I ever told this about the 400+ lber.  Twit is always saying how he tells her he is going to die young.  Well, yeah, he is way overweight so there is that possibility.  But Twit uses that as another way of playing the victim.  I recall asking her a few times, years back, about getting him help on a diet, etc. and she blew it off  saying that whenever she brought it up he would tell her he was going to die young.  What a sad mess that bunch is. And,  not my problem as I watch them all self destruct.