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Strong need to please

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This Weekend we spent time at a beach front home on east coast.  Wicked rip currents and signs saying no life guards no swimming. Actually a drowning death recently. So SD and her husband felt the need to be rule breakers and swam out in very rough surf red flag. No lifeguards. She called my husband to come in with them and like a fool he went instantly. This is a man who never even sticks a toe in a pool or ocean. Luckily all were ok but they were lucky.  The need for approval tops safety. I just don't understand. 

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I have almost no risk aversion.   Even I would not do what DH and his toxic spawn did.

Maybe working as a life guard through HS and college is why.  There is a reason why when the no swimming flag goes up, keep your ass on the beach.

Regardless of why swimming is closed.

Growing up, they used to close the beach for sea snake mating season, jellyfish swarms, rough surf, and occassionally for sharks.  For some reason every few years someone would die from a snake bite, be hospitalized for jelly fish stings, and occassionally a shark bite.  Of course their family would be all up in arms. The sign that the beaches were closed for swimming for some reason did not register for the idiot person's family any more that it did for the idiot who chose to swim anyway.


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In fact we have a beach locally termed "mortuary beach" because so many tourists have drowned. Families.

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What an idiot.  They never have that strong of a need to please us!!