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Stepson 26 got a job offer for more money...

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His former employer asked him to help out with some catering work over the Rosh Hashana holiday. $150 under the table. Great… going straight to fixing his honey’s car, which is in the shop (whole other long, stupid story, she lent the car to her mother and it was returned broken, but she wont’ demand her mother get it fixed!)
Anywhoo, the woman told my step-son she wants him back and she’s willing to pay him more than what he’s making. He said he needed health insurance, She told him, go find insurance, and hand me the bill.
He said he wanted that in writing
She said she’d give him a contract
He said he wanted catering jobs
She said, Fine, how about every weekend?
He said, I have to work during the day
She said how’s 8-4? $22.00 and hour
His response…. I have to think about it
He told my husband he’s not sure he wants to take the job… because the woman who owns the restaurant is in her FIFTIES and he said he doesn’t know how much longer the place will be around.
The place has been around for THIRTY YEARS it’s a well known, established restaurant in a high dollar neighborhood and business is doing so well, she’s considering expanding. This is a FAMILY business, she’s second generation, where the hell does he think they’re going?

THEN he tells my husband… besides it’s too far from home!
A) “home” should not be a permanent concept to him right now, for him to worry about how far it is… you can MOVE CLOSER to your work
Dirol I drive an hour each way, my husband drives an hour and a half each way… and he’s going to tell us that a 20 minute drive is TOO FAR?
C) She is offering him a take home pay that is greater than what I am bringing home right now

His honey has decided that she’s putting off going back to work for another two years, because she wants to go back to school (she failed out of community college) so she found information on the COMPASS website about grants that she can get over two years which total $10,000 for her to get her degree at the community college.

If she’s going back to school, then he HAS to take this job, otherwise they’ll NEVER move out!

Isn’t it nice that she can have the luxury of deciding that she’s not going to work for two years, despite the fact that she has a infant to care for? Oh, wait! She’s being supported by Me, My Husband and My step-son!

I will keep you all posted. Taking this job would mean that he has the resources to get the F out of our house!

Tonight, I am making a nice dinner, pouring a glass of wine for me and my husband, cleaning up, sending my daughter to her room and over a glass of Chianti, I will explain to him how he should insist to his son, that he must take this job. No more excuses.

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Oh wow. I have no other words. Did you speak with your hubby?

Your SS needs a reality check, and I think your hubby needs to tell him that he IS taking this job, and then he and his little family are moving out.

That salary is more money than many people I know are making now. The lady is giving him a great opportunity.

Oh, and the girlfriend can work and go to school. Give me a break. How many of us have done that?????

The entitlement is never ending. My boyfriend's son is 19, graduated in June 2010, has not worked ever, and is now looking for a job. He is never going to find one bc he wants a ridiculous salary, and certain hours and days. He has no skills, no experience, and no car. But he does not live with us. I am truly thankful for that each day. His brother and sister are just as bad. All still at home with BM, and no one wants to work or do anything but sleep and play video games.

Your hubby definitely needs to draw the line, or they will never leave!!!!!

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The Mister is finally seeing the light. I think that this is the final straw for him. His stupid (sorry for the name calling) son informed him that he put out over $800 in the last two weeks worth of bills including his honey's car insurance and cell phone. Um, she has a job right now, albeit very few hours, but he doesn't have the cojones to tell her to hand over her paycheck to help out.
Mister and I had a nice rational conversation that didn't turn into a fight and he is the one that made the statement that at this rate, they'll never leave and the son has to do SOMETHING to better the situation and get out of the house.

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well, new job or no new job, the Mister finally gave his son and g/f a deadline. 6 months... well it's better than nothing.
The big issue with the new job is that there is no group insurance policy and he has pre-existing conditions (he's got degenerative problems in both hips and will need replacement surgery in the not too distant future)

The prospective employer doesn't have a group plan, so if he tries to get insurance on his own, the premiums will be exhorbitant and the woman is balking.

He talked to the SS last night, because the SS is seeing his friends who are getting married, buying houses, and living adult lives and he's frustrated that he "can't" do any of that because of his financial situation.
Then he told DH that he "doesnt' want to rent, because that's just throwing money away" he said he's just going to live home till he has enough money to buy a house.
That sent my husband through the roof. No open ended move out date any more (Haleluja)
May 1 2012 they are to be in their own place or else they will have to go live with HER mother until they do find a place of their own
woo hoo!
I don't think I've been this excited since we set the date for our wedding!

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This is AWESOME news!!!!! I am so happy for you.

Good thing he told your husband he was planning on staying until....well... maybe forever.

This is exactly why I would not move in with my bf until he promised me his adult children would never come here. He did say he thought they would not want to, but shortly after we moved in, his daughter was banging on the door. She also stated that she never wants to work full-time. I think that my bf felt the same way your DH did when he heard least the "children" were honest, right?

May will be here before you know it!

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I have to tell you , just KNOWING that DH is firm with this situation is a comfort. I spent the day yesterday cleaning. When I was finished with the upstairs, I went on to the kitchen and then was about to do the downstairs bathroom and living room and DH says…

“we have two able bodied people who live here, I think they can take care of the downstairs tomorrow”

Something flipped a switch and I’m so happy about it!

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yaaay! What kind of immature logic thinks it's better to live with your parents than to be in your own place - even if you are renting? When I left home at 18 there's no way in hell I would have moved back in my pride wouldn't allow it. Good grief, grow up.

I'm so happy for you that your DH has seen the light and has set a date!